• We’ve run upon a question about taking an AA Gun into battle. Japan rolled ROCKETS on Weapons Development chart. We wanted to know if Japan can use the Trans (in the Sea of Japan) to amphibios assult Alaska with an offshore bombard and following with a troop and AA Gun to attack the shores. Can the AA Gun be used in a combat as a non-combatant as to allow movement into a Newly Gained Territory. Or, should the AA Gun be allowed to move into the Newly Gained Territory after the attack.

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  • You cannot move an AA gun during combat movement, I think. I should probably check on it, but I’m fairly certain.

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  • Bossk is correct.

  • indubetably (i cannot spell) Hey btw what do you call a suicidal ferret? HAHAHA the answer in a few short days (as in tomorrow)

  • :lol:

  • Thanks for the clear up Wild2000, AKA “Rules Master.” 😉

    Personally, I use a rule where if a transport carries a AA gun, it get’s to fire too if the transport is attacked! Good times. 😄

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