Questions on the outcome of Spanish Civil War

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    In the basic game rules(p.57), if the Nationalists win the Spanish civil war, Germany will get an infantry unit in Berlin every turn until Spain aligned with Germany.

    But in the Spanish Civil Expansion rules(p.10), if the Nationalists win the Spanish civil war, Germany is getting this Blue Legion unit only if Germany and USSR are at war. And the wordings in this expansion rule seem to imply Germany only gets this Blue Legion once only.

    Same Nationalist win but these 2 different rules seem to have very different outcomes for the Axis. Is this intentional to be this way or am I missing something here?

    Thank you in advance for looking into this.

  • @unicorn I would assume so.
    In cases like this, I would take the expansion rules in precedence.

  • @unicorn You’re right, that seems… weird. We’ve played it that you get the unite very time, but the rules only say to get it once.

    That’s… kinda sucky. All that work to end up with the potential for aligning Spain if the allies are a bit aggressive, and to get literally 1 division?

    The strategy guide at the bottom of the rules state that you end up with 1pp for Germany for 12 turns as well, but that isn’t mentioned anywhere else. Where do you get an extra 1 ipp from?

  • @aldrahill That is a carry over from v2. In it, Germany had a wartime bonus income of +1 IPP if the Nationalists were neutral and had won the war. This was replaced in v3 with the current blue division rules. (+1 infantry every turn)
    In v2, the Blue division was a bonus. Now it is a malus. Several expansions have old holdovers like this.

  • @trig Oh, that’s weird, that should definitely be removed from the rules then.

    In the v3 rules, it doesn’t say anything about +1 infantry every turn:
    6.1 Spanish Blue Legion: If the Nationalists win the civil war Spain will assist
    Germany (while neutral) if Germany and the USSR are at war. Once these
    conditions are met place an infantry in Madrid with the Blue Legion marker
    underneath it. This unit must rail in the next German non-combat movement phase
    to a German-owned land zone."

    That implies a singular unit, doesn’t it?

    Also, since I’m asking, what the hell are the Admiral rules? Why are there two different Spanish civil war sets, both v3?

  • @aldrahill they are newer / different - better written rule set for SCW- look over them for yourself.

  • @theveteran Yeah they’re different in various ways - but why are they are there to begin with? And indeed, they have different sets as well.

    I wish there was an actual explanation given about which one should be used, and how they actually differ.

  • @aldrahill admiral ruleset was made much more recently. The original SCW expansion was made years ago with V2 game in mind. The random events get removed in admiral edition and the stupid US intervention rule was changed along with many other differences.

  • @theveteran Crap, so I should be using the Admiral set instead? Wish that was mentioned on the expansion page :/

  • @aldrahill admiral ruleset is better than original expansion, so yes.

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    @theveteran Thanks for that. The rules of the Admiral Edition actually are very clear about the outcome of the Spanish Civil war. Same as the basic rules, Germany gets 1 infantry in Berlin until Spain is aligned with Germany. So that makes sense now.

    Thanks for pointing out Admiral Edition. HBG should have just removed the other one from the website to avoid confusion.

  • @aldrahill it doesn’t need to be removed. It’s still an option to play with . The full intervention options for Germany / USSR are not available to play with in the admiral edition that are part of the original expansion.

  • @unicorn in the regular SCW expansion if USSR (Republicans) wins the war then they get a chance to influence 3 different countries (the chance is very low) and they do not get a free infantry unit every turn.

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    @theveteran I guess that is a balancing mechanism; Germany is only getting 1 infantry unit and the USSR is only getting 3 rolling chances on alignment. Seems like the regular SCW expansion rules are encouraging both Axis and USSR to keep that war as a stalemate so that each side can align their puppets once war broke out between Germany and USSR. It is a different way to play the SCW.

  • @theveteran said in Questions on the outcome of Spanish Civil War:

    @unicorn in the regular SCW expansion if USSR (Republicans) wins the war then they get a chance to influence 3 different countries (the chance is very low) and they do not get a free infantry unit every turn.

    I understood the SCW expansion as adding to the core rules and not replacing them completely.

    There is also an explicit reference in SCW 1.3 to the normal rules « The Spanish Civil War is over
    when (a) one side achieves victory per GW13.1 ».

    Getting that free International Brigade in Moscow was one of the incentives for the USSR to invest part of its very limited budget towards the civil war.

    If it is out of the expansion, I will probably keep house ruling it in.

  • @noneshallpass oh all expansions basically replace OOB rules . It doesn’t work to play OOB along with any expansion. For example, regular alignment conditons from OOB do not match with the diplomacy expansion at all… diplomacy replaces all OOB alignment conditions basically.
    Yes the rewards for victory suck in the normal SCW expansion. But victory points are still worth fighting for in the SCW no matter the actual reward for winning .

  • In the v3 Strategy notes it is mentionned that an Axis victory in the SCW is worth “… (b) 1 IPP for Germany for approximately 12 turns, depending on when World War II starts”.

    What does this refer to ?

  • @noneshallpass It’s another holdover from v2. It it one got +1 IPP/turn from having won the war, not +inf/turn. The V3 way is a little more valuable. :)

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