Looking for Players in Massachusetts or RI! message me. David @iamdk

  • Re: Looking for players in Massachusetts
    I live South of Boston but open to players in Massachusetts or RI. I am a newbie and looking to learn and be part of a group. Thanks!

  • @iamdk

    Hello David -
    I’m in the process of organizing a 1940 Global A&A game and we could use a 6th player. We play in Fitchburg, MA. Except for my teenage son we’re all adults who will be playing. It’s always good to meet new gamers. Game is scheduled to take place on 8/28 at 10AM and fully expect it to take 6-12 hours to complete. Any interest? If so let me know and I’ll send you the rest of my contact info. If you’re unable to attend, but know others who might be interested, I’d appreciate it if you can connect me with them.

    Thank you,
    Mark Gionet

  • @mkgionet Hi Mark! thank you for the quick reply. I am happy to play and I’d love to play on 8/28 but I have not played since college. Can you shoot me an email so we can exchange contact info. I currently don’t own the game but I did not want to buy it until I knew what version or had people lined up with that I could play. thanks!! my email is: sullywolf AT gmail dot com

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