Making the Oil Expansion work the way it’s intended: Germany too much oil?

  • Having trouble with the oil expansion, as it just doesn’t seem overly relevant.

    Germany gets so much oil no matter what it does.

    As you can move cavalaty and infantry without oil, China basically just ignores oil totally, while Japan just doesn’t get to move its capital ships until it takes the money islands, and then from there it’s completely fine.

    How do you make the oil expansion actually work? I want Germany to feel forced to have to push south towards the Caucasus’s to get access to valuable oil, instead of just ignoring it for Moscow and literally drowning in oil. Plus, Italy just gets all its oil from Germany once war starts, so it’s fine for them as well.

    The rules also aren’t super clear - can UK get the oil in Oman, considering there is fighting in the Mediterranean? If not, can troops near Oman still use it?

    Also, all oil goes to centra reserves in home islands - so why do oil Derrick have oil reserves at all if never goes there?

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    @aldrahill I can’t speak to everything, as I don’t play with this expansion (was never a huge fan). But, I did want to point out that infantry and cavalry can only move with no oil in non-combat movement. Your statement to me seemed to imply they didn’t need it for anything ever, but maybe I just made an assumption, But they still couldn’t attack without oil.

    Hope to see an answer to your questions here!

  • @aldrahill

    I also am playing with the Oil Wars expansion. It has a lot of potential and if properly refined could end up being essential to the Global War 36 experience.

    My current game is at US turn July 1944. Oil allocations are:

    Germany-Reserves 120 / Production 14
    Japan-Reserves 52 / Production 8
    Italy (at war)-Reserves 16 / Production 0 with Germany supplying the oil.

    Soviet Union-Reserves 10 / Production 6

    Great Britain-Reserves 31 / Production 1
    FEC & ANZAC-Reserves 32 / Production 3
    with the United States lend leasing oil to the Commonwealth

    USA-Reseves 67 / Production 11

    The first thing to do next game is not give Germany synthetic oil for every major IC. Also having Germany start collecting synthetic oil in July 1938 means they will have plenty.

    Next game I will try only one synthetic oil per turn and starting only on the turn after they declare war.

  • @chris_henry Apologies, I’ll clarify.

    You need oil to move Cav & Infantry, but only if you have oil. If you DON’T have any oil whatsoever, then the rules say “nothing can be moved, except infantry and cavalry”

    Meaning that you have to pay oil if you have it, but if you don’t, you can still move cav and infantry, making a huge amount of oil savings if you play it well. Without that rule, nothing would happen in China, as there’s barely any oil there.

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    @aldrahill I think that still only applies to non-combat movements though? I could be wrong. I just wanted to point out in case that part was making China unfair in your eyes!

  • @chris_henry but then China can’t ever move units . Conundrum, eh?

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    @aldrahill Well that’s a good point there I suppose! I wonder if something was overlooked there. I’m probably misreading that then!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just watched Eastory’s video about the Sino Japanese War, got me thinking more about the oil expansion 😛 I want Japan to feel like it NEEDS to attack the Indonesian islands for oil! Because of the weird movement rules / not needing oil to move infantry and cavalry when out of oil, the oil system just kind of… doesn’t work properly.

    Plus, Germany way too much oil 😕

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