• Recently purchased WiF global map pack. Each hex = ~56 miles.

    Has anyone tried playing a variant using A&A/HBG units on this map; translating movement values and coming up with a stacking limit per hex?

    For example, if an A&A turn equates to ~3 months time, and an average Inf unit could move ~15 miles per day in clear weather/terrain, and assuming they are on the move for 60 of the 90 days, then average move for A&A Inf in WiF map would be ~16 hexes (excludes rail movement).

    Regarding stacking limits per hex, max would be 3 land units per hex.

    Idea would be to keep gameplay “simplicity” in line with A&A/HBG 1936, but take advantage of the WiF map details.

    Curious if anyone has experimented with this combo.

  • 2022 2021

    @monroe Actually I hear that a whole turn equates to 6 months for A&A…

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