Global 1943 Expansion, Revised

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    @the-captain said in Global 1943 House Rules Expansion:


    Hi barnee,

    I’ll correct them so they match the game board:+1:

    Right on Western Canada should be British Columbia also. Must’ve been pre global days :)

    USA and China done. On to UK

    Screenshot from 2021-10-31 10-36-38.png

    Screenshot from 2021-10-31 10-37-33.png

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    Amazing! I like those pictures so much! Thank you!

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    Global 1943 Tournament game report:

    This weekends Global 1943 two-player game has just ended today. Here is a brief situation report:

    Axis: Dark Knight
    Allies: The Captain

    Early 1943:
    Germany is building up The Atlantic Wall defense line and partly withdrawing units from Africa.

    A massive re-organization of German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units takes place on the Eastern Front, with only a few minor attacks being launched.

    Soviet Union:
    Soviet units attack and re-capture Bryansk, Stalingrad, Caucasus and Ukraine. Smolensk is reinforced on a massive scale in order to strengthen the area in front of Moscow.

    The Imperial Japanese Navy launches a series of attacks in the Pacific and China, pushing back the remnants of the Chinese army towards Tsinghai.

    United States:
    US units advance further into North Africa - and re-organize the navies in the Atlantic and the Pacific - preparing for offensive operations in both theatres.

    Chinese units withdraw into Tsinghai for a last stand.

    United Kingdom:
    UK air and naval units destroy the remaing German U-boats in the Atlantic.
    Units in Africa are re-organized and most are sent on their way towards the Middle East and India.
    The navy in sea zone 62 prepares for a future rendez-vous with the US Pacific Navy.

    Italian land and air units are withdrawing towards Rome - in order to defend the Capital against an anticipated US invasion.

    Late 1943:
    With fresh reinforcements arriving at the front, German units attack from north to south on the entire Eastern Front. Smolensk is heavily defended by the Soviets - and so is Archangel - these two territories are therefore not attacked.

    The defense of Western Europe is strengthened with Infantry units and Bunkers.

    Soviet Union:
    Counter attacks are launched against the German positions - and Ukraine, Western Ukraine, Belarus and Rostov are re-captured.

    The Soviet 1st Tank Army is sent to Tsinghai - to strengthen the Chinese units against a massive Japanese attack. This Soviet maneuver triggers a State of War between USSR and Japan - with the economic consequences for the Soviet player.

    Unable to capture Tsinghai - due to the Soviet reinforcement of the Chinese defense, Japan launches several attacks in the Pacific and against Burma.

    The Japanese navy is strengthened with Carriers, Fighters and destroyers.

    United States:
    An amphibious attack is launched against German occupied Greece - and Greece is captured.

    An offensive against Caroline Islands is prepared.

    The build up of land, sea and air units in the Atlantic continues.

    United Kingdom:
    Norway is captured, using Landing Crafts. UK units in Norway include the UK 1st Tank Army.

    In the Pacific and China UK units are trying to hold back Japanese units - and launches small scale amphibious attacks against the Japanese controlled islands in the southern Pacific.

    Italian units are strengthening the defense of Rome.

    Early 1944:
    Small scale attacks are launched against the Soviets. No massive breakthrough has yet been achieved on the Eastern Front.

    No further units are sent to Western Europe for defense, since the Eastern Front requires a massive effort in strengthening Army Group North and Army Group Center.

    The German 1st Panzer Army is withdrawn from Army Group South on the Eastern Front - in order to prepare for a counter attack against the American invaders in Greece.

    Soviet Union:
    Counter attacks against German forces are launched. By now, the German number of reinforcements on the Eastern Front exceeds that of the Soviet Union.

    Units from the Far East are gradually withdrawn towards Moscow.

    Soviet Tank production is running at full speed.

    A massive attack is launched against Tsinghai - and Tsinghai is captured - with only 4 Japanese Tank units left.

    Attacks against UK units in China are succesful.

    All Chinese terrirories are now under Japanese control, which triggers a Japanese 5 IPC bonus income.

    Japan also achieves it’s NO’s in the Pacific - triggering a 5 IPC Bonus Income as well.

    Japanese units attack the Soviet Far East territories.

    United States:
    US forces capture Philippines and Caroline Islands.

    The US Pacific Fleet is by now slightly larger than the Imperial Japanese Navy - with massive invasion forces ready for Island Jumping.

    US forces attack and capture Bulgaria and Albania. US forces in Greece are strengthened with new reinforcements - in order to take out as many German units as possible during the anticipated German offensive.

    Italian forces are still reinforcing the defense of Rome.

    Late 1944:
    Succesful attacks are launched against Bulgaria, Albania - and the Eastern Front.

    But German forces on the Eastern Front are still not able to break through the Soviet defense - in order to attack Soviet territories in depth.

    Four Me 262 Jetfighter units are now stationed in Western Germany.

    Soviet Union:
    A succesful attack with 4 Paratrooper units is launched against Japanese controlled Tsinghai.

    Succesful counter attacks are launched on the Eastern Front.

    Soviet Partisans are now placed in several German and Japanese controlled Soviet territories - in order to disrupt Strategic Rail Movement - and to force the Axis to turn around and destroy the Partisans.

    The reinforcments of Japanese units fighting in Asia is now exceeded by the Allied number of units.

    Japanese units are fighting desperately against US invasion forces as well as UK units in the southern parts of China.

    The advance towards Moscow through the Soviet Far East territories is slowed down by Soviet Partisans and small scall Soviet counter attacks.

    The economy is suffering due to several military setbacks.

    United States:
    Succesfull attacks are launched against the remaining Japanese controlled islands in the Pacific - as well as landings in Malaya, French Indo China and Kwangtung.

    In Europe, US forces are massively building up in United Kingdom - in preparation for D-Day.

    United Kingdom:
    The Large Scale Invasion of Western Europe is launched against Holland/Belgium.
    United Kingdom controls all US and UK units that are assigned to the invasion, during this attack.

    The invasion is succesfull with minimum losses of Allied units.

    The D-Day landing counts a number of Allied units so large that Germany cannot destroy the bridge head.

    Succesful attacks are launched against the few scattered Japanese units in China.

    UK units from Australia launches a succesfull amphibious landing against Palau Island.

    Early 1945:

    A massive offensive is succesfully launched on the entire Eastern Front, destroying numerous Soviet units.

    Due to the Allied landing in Holland/Belgium, no further reinforcements are sent to the Eastern Front.

    Greece is captured from the Americans.

    Preparations are made for the defense of Western Germany and Germany.

    Soviet Union:
    A massive re-organization takes place on the Eastern Front - only minor attacks are launched against the Germans.

    A build up in Smolensk is prepared in order to eliminate the German Army Group Center.

    Soviet units are fighting against Japanese units in China and the Far East territories.

    Only a few islands in the Pacific are still on Japanese hands.

    In China, the Japanese troops are fighting against an overwhelming Allied force.

    The Japanese economy is crumbling.

    The Imperial Japanese Navy is still an impressive force - but with no prospect of a decisive military breakthrough, it is only a matter of time before the Allies will win the War.

    United States:
    A series of attacks are launched against the Japanese.

    A massive build up of land, air and naval units continues in both the Pacific and the Atlantic.

    US troops alongside UK units have a foothold in Europe - and are preparing for the offensive against Western Germany.

    United Kingdom:
    Offensive operations continue in China.

    UK Fighter units and Tank units are sent into Soviet territories - in order to strengthen the Soviet positions against an anticipated German Last Ditch Attack.

    Late 1945:
    On the Eastern Front, Army Group North, Army Group Center and Army Group South haven’t received any reinforcements.

    The Soviet Captial - Moscow - is out of reach, and the Soviet defensive positions are impenetrable.

    Surrounded by massive Allied units on all fronts - and facing an unstopable enemy , Germany capitulates.

    The following pictures depict the military situation at the beginning of Late 1945.


  • @the-captain sweet ! Nice report

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    Nooooooo! The Axis lost! Great report, and I love those pieces that are up close in your photos-at least Germany’s armies are running at full strength and Volksturm aren’t activated yet. I like the idea of being able to surrender. Is is just me, or does it feel like your games use more pieces than the normal versions? And if so, why? Thank you!

    I noticed Kursk was on your board too-the more I think about it, Kursk really was a very small battle in terms of land contested. The units committed were way out of proportion to the salient’s size, like the Crimea.

    Those pieces are awesome-can you please tell me where to fond them? Thank you!

    I wonder if the Allies invaded strict neutral territories (probably for no reason or benefit, such as the US invading Colombia), could the Axis have held back the Allied assault, especially if the Allies made some mistakes. Do you have any ideas on how the Axis could have won this game? Thank you!

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    1943 setup complete. Season/Round changes next.

    Screenshot from 2021-11-01 06-35-16.png

    Screenshot from 2021-11-01 06-36-14.png

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    Thank you!

    These look great! It’s a bit annoying though that the Panzer General piece looks the same as a Panzer Army. Also, whilst your’e right, I thought there was a landing craft in Tunisia instead of a fighter-a downside to looking at the charts, as it is much harder to tell what units are where.

  • Want to try this out on my G40 Map after my ongoing game is finished. Looks so interesting. Will print the rulebook.

  • @all-encompassing-goose
    Hi Goose,

    The Global 1943 House Rules Expansion is indeed very interesting - and fun - to play.

    The big challenge for both sides is to achieve a Military Breakthrough.

    It all depends on your strategy.

    I’m sure you’ll have fun & challenge:+1:

  • @the-captain Thank you! My group is very small (my Dad and my brother who is very inexperienced but I help him) ATM I am testing my research rules using the DK Board from HBG. I might try playing your 1943 variant without the 1940 house rules revised additions. Is this viable?

    Also, have you testing the variant on a single board (Europe, Pacific) and seen if it was balanced or not? I might play on a single board first just because the Global games work best when we know we have lots of time to do them ;D

  • @all-encompassing-goose
    That sounds as a good group to start with :+1:

    For all I know, it is only possible to play Global 1943 in it’s intended version by following the Global 1943 Rulebook.

    This requires knowledge of the Units & Rules described in the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    I suggest that you first take a look at the Global 1940 Basic Expansion rulebook - and play a few games with these rules. This will give you an insight of how the game mechanisms work in the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    It’s a Small Step to go from G40 OOB rules to Global 1940 Basic Expansion - but it’s a Giant Leap to go directly from G40 OOB rules to Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    That’s why we made the Global 1940 Basic Expansion, which we also use for training with new G40 players.

    The Global 1943 House Rules Expansion is a favorite among the players in our Veterans Play Group.

    If you want the ultimate fun & challenge from the Global 1943 version - I suggest that you and your play group begin with the Global 1940 Basic Expansion.

    The fun already begins as soon as you start reading your way through the rulebook:+1:

  • @all-encompassing-goose

    I have suggested the exact same thing earlier in this topic.

  • @superbattleshipyamato I didn’t see that, sorry

  • @all-encompassing-goose

    Check out page one and two.

  • @the-captain Yeah, playing the 1943 setup immediately is not the right way to go. Learning all those House Rule Expansion rules may look a bit boring, but it’s definitely worth it. I am learning the rules section by section and playing a game for each section. I have now reached Early 1943 in my section 3 game. Wowy, what is this exciting! The Eastern Front is such an interesting battle. I will post my Section 2 game report, and a report for my section 3 game in the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion thread.

  • @the-captain

    What program did you use to type your rules and what process did you go through? I have been wanting to make a neat rulebook for my own person A&A house rules :slightly_smiling_face:

  • (If anyone else is wondering, DM The_Captain)

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    This has been uploaded to triplea. It is under “Experimental” in map downloads. More information available here:

    You can also post bug reports there.

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    I’ve got two quetions:

    You say this is based on how 1943 usually looks like in a game with your house rules-I don’t understand why the industrial complex in Germany (which is not in range of the Allied bombers) is underground, whilst West Germany’s industrial complex (which is in range) is not.

    Also, I noticed that he limit for Waffen-SS infantry is maxed out a 6, and yet there is 8 of them in the setup-does that mean that units that are part of Waffen-SS armies do not count toward the limit? Thank you!

    Can you also make a battle calculator for this please? It’s quite hard to plan strategies without that. Thank you!

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    The number of Waffen-SS Infantry according to the German set up chart is 6:

    • 3 Waffen-SS Infantry in Berlin (Germany)
    • 1 Waffen-SS Infantry in Bryansk
    • 2 Waffen-SS Infantry in Rostov - as part of 1st Waffen-SS Army

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