Global 1943 Expansion, Revised

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    This is the release of the Axis & Allies Global 1943 House Rules Expansion Revised Edition.

    Note: The following Rulebook and pictures show the Revised Set Up.

    1943 was the year, when Germany finally implemented the Total War concept. The Axis Powers still had options to alter the outcome of the War - not by outproducing the Allies - but by taking advantage of every single advantageous opportunity. And by planning a decisive and superior strategy - without any flaws. And carry it out with determination.

    In the game there is no bureaucracy - no internal conflicts in any Nation, that could weaken the War effort. Every single decision is made with one goal only - to win the War.

    The game depends solely on what strategy players might choose - and how these strategies are carried out.

    It is truly a big challenge for the Axis to win the War. And there is no room for errors… or else, Germany & Japan will have to fight for their lives.

    You’ll experience massive Panzer Armies and Army Groups from the very beginning of the game. Within a few rounds, some of the most famous combat units of World War II are available to the players. This will bring even more options to get your Nation closer to Final Victory.

    Concerning the Global 1943 Setup:

    Soviet 1st Army Group is comprised of:

    • 1st Tank Army
    • 3rd Soviet Army Corps
    • 10 Infantry units

    Soviet 2nd Army Group is comprised of:

    • 2nd Tank Army
    • 2nd Soviet Army Corps
    • 5 Artillery units
    • 5 Infantry units

    The Soviet Army Group Markers replace the Army Group Flags.

    Note 1:
    Soviet Army Group Markers are named:

    • 1st Army Group
    • 2nd Army Group

    Note 2:
    Additional Set Up:
    The German player must place a Flak Tower unit in Germany before game start.

    Printing Error:

    We have discovered 3 printing errors in the Japanese Set Up:

    1. Hainan is not mentioned in the Japanese Set Up. Hainan must have an IPC value of “1” - and a Japanese control marker.

    2. Palau Island does not need a Japanese control marker… the number (1) described in the column should be placed in the column for the IPC value instead. Palau Island must have an IPC Value Marker at “1”.

    3. Kiangsi is not mentioned in the Japanese Set Up. Kiangsi is Japanese controlled from game start (Early 1943).

    We naturally apporlogize for those shortcomings.

    The Axis & Allies Global 1943 House Rules Expansion will definitely bring tons of fun and challenge - even though the game is playable in a few hours.

    Please refer to the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion for overall unit profiles, unit costs etc.

    RULEBOOK, Axis & Allies Global 1943 House Rules Expansion, Revised.pdf

    IMG_7233.JPG IMG_7234.JPG IMG_7235.JPG IMG_7236.JPG IMG_7237.JPG IMG_5696.JPG IMG_5697.JPG

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    Right on : ) Looks like I got another one to adapt to triplea lol
    Gonna roll with 1940 a bit as I haven’t made it pass RD 4 yet :)

    Although the more I restart , the easier it becomes. Hopefully others will try it. : )

  • @barnee

    From game start - Early 1943 - multiple options are available for both the Axis as well as the Allies. Some options are obvious - as for example the need for German reorganization of troops on the Eastern Front to prevent a total collapse of the exposed northern and southern flanks.

    As the Setup Charts show, Germany is in a position to form
    3 Army Groups within 2 rounds of play. With these Army Group formations, the Eastern Front should be stabilized - and a steady flow of reinforcements should pave the way for a renewed offensive in the east.

    Basically, most Nations need to maneuver their units into more advantageous positions, before striking enemy positions.

    Players will have access to all their Nations specialized units within a few rounds of play.

    These units might just be what is needed to get the upper hand.

    Tons of challenge & fun is guaranteed:+1:

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    @the-captain You really should get yourself a YouTube channel going, it’s the quickest way to spread your house rules info to the community!!!

  • Jeez, this looks just gorgeous! Amazing! Terrific! Brilliant! This is just a masterpiece, I can’t wait to learn the rules and play it!

  • @nolimit

    Hi nolimit,

    We’re working on the YouTube channel.

    Hopefully we’ll have it ready later this year.


  • @victoryfirst


    Hopefully you and your play group will find fun & challenge.

    In order to play the Global 1943 scenario, you’ll need to be familiar with the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    A quick way to get started, is to play with the Global 1940 Basic Expansion at first.

    After a couple of games, you should be ready to start playing with the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion - and then the Global 1943 House Rules Expansion.:relaxed:

  • @nolimit

    The YouTube channel is under construction now. Pictures, game setup, combat scenarios etc. - expected release November 2021.

  • Where and how did you get that gorgeous looking custom map?

  • @victoryfirst
    We bought the map file from Siredblood - and had the company Elephant Print to print it for us.

    The map print is self-adhesive plastic - and coated with self-adhesive transparent foil for further protection.

    We now have 22 game boards like this one, so that most of our active FTF members each have their own enlarged game board: dimensions: W:93 cm, L: 245 cm including Army Boards, Naval boards, Expanded National Production Chart.

  • @the-captain

    Can you please make a 1943 version using the normal Axis And Allies Global 1940 rules? Thank you!

  • @superbattleshipyamato123

    Since the development of the Axis & Allies Global 1943 House Rules Expansion is based on 168 completede Global 1940 games - using the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion - it would probably take at least as many OOB G40 games to have some solid foundation for an “OOB” G43 version.

    My suggestions to you would be:

    1. Use the OOB G42 version as a starting point for a G43 scenario. Discuss with your play group, how many games should initially be played in order to have a G43 setup ready. Play test that G43 scenario multiple times - until you and your play group have sufficient game experience with that game - in order to make the game balanced. Post your final result in “Other Axis & Allies Variants” since there are no house rules in it.

    2. Search the forum for 1943 scenarios - several players have made their own versions. You might find some inspiration.

    3. Play a couple of games with the Global 1943 House Rules Expansion - and see if this is for you after all.

    Since all members in each of our play groups play the OOB G40 game using either the Global 1940 Basic Expansion, Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion and the Global 1943 House Rules Expansion it would be impossible for me to motivate any players to “go back” and play the OOB game, simply because the fun & challenge would not be comparable to what they experience by playing with the House Rules Expansions.

  • @superbattleshipyamato123
    Lol, as the captain said, I think his 1943 version would be better. It takes a long time to learn all the rules but it also takes a long time to learn OOB 1940. In my opinion OOB has mostly a few paths that lead to a victory in a very advanced game between two experienced players. In the house rule expansion rule set, there are unendless paths that lead to Victory. There is no ‘best’ strategy, just tactical skill levels. An OOB 1943 setup would probably be more limited to starting units and production levels. I would prefer to play the version by Captain. It is not 100% historically accurate, as Novgorod and Scotland are/were taken, but he does the best job I’ve ever seen of simulating world war 2 on a G40 board.

  • @barnee Is this variant available for triplea?

  • @victoryfirst well yes and no. There isn’t a one click setup but you could use the regular expansion and edit everything accordingly.

    I’m having trouble doing updates at the moment. Hopefully that’ll be solved soon. Then i’m gonna do the Basic Expansion and then this one. So it’ll be a while yet.

  • @the-captain

    Thank you for responding!

    The thing is, I usually play against myself, and it takes a while to do this-and I don’t have anyone else to play with, so it will take a while to create a balanced game, which is not what I want anyway. Whenever I come up with my house rules, I just come up with them on the spot without play testing them, because just don’t have the time to do it-besides, I find it quite boring to play the same rules over and over again, that’s why I like to play house rules.

  • 2024 2023 '22


    Thank you for responding!

    As you said, it takes quite a while to get used to the rules, and while I might have the time eventually, I have so many different planned games to play (such as playing at least one 1941, 1939, and 1942 game using the 1940 board, as well as one with National Advantages from another topic), it will take a while for me to be ready to play the game, a time that I can’t wait (I am very excited to play a 1943 game).

    Another thing is that whenever I ask people to come up with a new version of the game set in a certain year, I always ask for the game to be historically accurate, not balanced, I just want all the real life units and their dispositions turned into pieces (according to a debatable scale of Axis And Allies), with no play testing needed. This is why I am not that big of a fan of The Captain’s 1943 game, because it involved untrue things such as Fallchirmjager invading Scotland, the Italians at one point taking Cairo, and Germany taking all of the Caucasus and Volgograd (but then again, I understand the last one, because historically, Germany only conquered parts of those territories, so it is hard to accurately show that).

    Finally, the final reason why I don’t want to use The Captain’s 1943 game, is that while it is a great game and the new rules are awesome, some things I think don’t make sense- for example, why would the Soviet Union magically get more resources if Germany launched Operation Barbarossa? Or why could the Waffen SS form an army of their own? The Heer would never have allowed to create such a large units (the 6th SS panzer army was not an official name, it was actually called the 6th panzer army, and the 11th SS panzer army was just an excuse by Himmler to promote certain men to higher positions, and it was admitted that is was only a corps sized formation)!

    Sorry if this feels like a rant, but I really do like your game, I just am too inpatient to learn the the new House Expansion Rules, and I’m just wondering: is it possible to just take away all of the new units in your 1943 setup and just leave the normal units in their same places? Thank you!

    Again, thank you for responding!

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    Really ? You ask for this help but some what demand other stuff. Not trying to get on you but please just relax a bit.

    Try very hard to find another person to test with. Other wise it is what it is.

    We be more than happy to help but up to you to test most of it for your ideas.

    Yes it sucks when you can’t find a player or two.
    But try harder. You’ll find somebody.

  • @gen-manstein

    Let me repeat what I said in a more orderly matter:

    First, I don’t have another player to play with, nor do I want to (I always feel afraid to lose, and when you play by yourself, you don’t have that fear, and I also like to do this because that way, I can control everything and I like to have everything go to plan, so that way I can also orchestrate big battles). This means I can’t do play testing nor do I want to, because I just want it to be as accurate as possible, which the game does not provide, as I show in the examples above.

    Secondly, I am too impatient or excited to learn the new rules even if they are awesome, even if I will play a game using the new rules (well, not all of them), a 1943 game is a higher priority.

    Thirdly, another reason is because I disagree with some rules due to them not making any logical sense (see above).

    Finally, I proposed an idea where we remove all of the new units in the 1943 setup, whilst keeping all of the normal units intact (the 1940 House Expansion Rules are no longer used).

  • @barnee

    We’re still impressed by your dedication and efforts to make it work - so take your time - we are still here:+1: :+1:

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