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    The Release Date for the Axis & Allies Global 1943 House Rules Expansion is expected to be no later than 21st July 2021.

    The Axis & Allies Global 1943 House Rules Expansion is designed to be used in conjunction with Axis & Allies Global 1940 Game Board and
    Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    More information will follow at the Release Date.

    1943 introduction.png

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    @the-captain Why did you pick 1943 as a start off year?

  • 2023 '22 '21


    As you’ll see, when the complete rulebook with set up charts is released, the outcome of the War is not settled yet.

    1943 was the year, when Germany finally implemented the Total War concept. The Axis Powers still had options to alter the outcome of the War - not by outproducing the Allies - but by taking advantage of every single advantageous opportunity. And by planning a decisive and superior strategy - without any flaws. And carry it out with determination.

    In the game there is no bureaucracy - no internal conflicts in any Nation, that could weaken the War effort. Every single decision is made with one goal only - to win the War.

    The game depends solely on what strategy players might choose - and how these strategies are carried out.

    It is truly a big challenge for the Axis to win the War. And there is no room for errors… or else, Germany & Japan will have to fight for their lives.

    You’ll experience massive Panzer Armies and Army Groups from the very beginning of the game. Within a few rounds, some of the most famous combat units of World War II are available to the players. This will bring even more options to get your Nation closer to Final Victory.

    The Axis & Allies Global 1943 House Rules Expansion will definitely bring tons of fun and challenge - even though the game is playable in a few hours.

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