Soviet Surprise Attack Clarification

  • This may have been answered before but a couple of quick queries.

    Does the German player have to use the “Soviet Suprise Attack” special rule on the turn that they declare war?
    It says “Once per game…” “if the Germans declare war on the soviets…”
    It doesnt say anything about doing it on the turn they declare war.
    Could it be used several turns into the war?

    Additionally, the Motorised Inf upgrade rule says that Regular Inf can be upgraded if they are in supply path.
    Can the Inf move the turn they are upgraded?
    Can they be in a newly captured territory?


  • '18 '17 '16

    @dran-black The wording seems ambiguous on the German Reference Sheet but it is clear on the Soviet Reference Sheet that it has to be used on the same turn you declare war on the Soviets. (If and when)
    11.2 states that you can upgrade a unit that has moved that turn. Remember though you had to make that purchase on the Production Phase so if that unit is lost or a supply path isn’t opened, then the upgrade remains on the build queue until you can use it.

  • @generalhandgrenade Thanks GHG. Useful info for my ongoing game.
    Bad luck the Spring Offensive. Had my money on you. Better luck next time.

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