Urgent and quick question about bids for a new player

  • I’m teaching a buddy of mine Global 40 tomorrow and he’s never played A&A before. I gave him the Allies since the Axis is really confusing for your first game. What should I give him as a bid? He’s a smart dude but as I said before he’s never played but might be able to learn fast. I should also mention that I’m planning on telling him a couple strategies such as Taranto, Russian withdrawal/counterattacking, and the importance of defending London.

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    @tin-can-of-the-sea My thought is about 30 would be enough to keep him from being beaten up too badly in the initial rounds until he finds his feet and gets the US involved. Can be used for a liberal sprinkling of destroyers or subs to keep a good chunk of the Royal Navy alive in the Atlantic to help him get the Canadian units over to defend the UK or land in Morocco. Maybe a Scottish fighter and a sub in the Med if you are wanting him to have a high percentage shot at Taranto.

  • I would recommend no bid, but rather treating the game as fun! Rather than doing a tried and true strategy, focus on Africa as Germany, or maybe make your move towards Hawaii/Sydney as Japan rather than India and China! Do things that will make him want to play again, not just crushing him.

    Best of luck on the game 🙂

  • Thanks for both of the suggestions! I’ll ask him before we play (but after I explain the rules) what we should do. He did also say that he wants to go pretty hard on him but I’ll have to still hold back some 😉. I really like both ideas you guys suggested.

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    The answer depends on how good you feel you are. Some players on here would give a new guy Allies+80.
    IMO, Axis is easier to play than Allies, even for newer players

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    Oh wow you think? It took me quite a while to figure out how to play the Axis and once I did I had to start using a bid

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    @tin-can-of-the-sea i think Sticky’s suggestion is good, too. You don’t have to take it easy on the guy, but don’t play optimally(if you’re aware how to). The optimization of Axis is how the bids have gotten so high

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    @tin-can-of-the-sea yea I agree with Colt 45. I think Axis would be easier for first game. If you do go Allies and a bid, you can also give an extra few bucks a turn instead of all at once.
    Couple ways are a set number or a declining number, rd1 10, rd 2 9, etc…

    Could also read some strategy guides. Cow has a couple good ones.

    Just some thoughts, have fun : )

  • @barnee
    Ooh that’s a good idea

    I just thought that the Axis would be harder due to the insane number of troops and possibilities right away while the Allies are more reactionary. But I can see it going both ways

  • @colt45554
    That’s a good point, I’ll try that out

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