Elite of the Rising Sun Expansion

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    As a designer I am curious about the response of the community. Looking forward to your comments on this expansion. Every expansion starts with doing a lot of research. Sometimes this research is inspiration for rules that show the historical perculiarities like SNLF helping to fortify Pacific islands. The SNLF can be used offensively for sure but using them in the fortification option is a rule that gives a lot of new options that are based on the roles the SNLF were given in the Pacific theater. Many options that can not all be playtested by us. So share your strategies, tips and questions here.

    Also marine Paratroopers are introduced. Marines that can jump from planes or attack from seaplanes.

    Amphibious tanks are introduced that can fight alongside the SNLF. We often see Japan not buying much vehicles. These might be interesting to use.

    Designing rules for a great game based on a war and a period of history that fascinate me is pure fun. Seeing these rules come to life with beautiful markers (and often nicely painted figures on top of them) and seeing people get inspired by them is another rewarding pleasure.

  • @delaja love the expansions this is a little intimidating in my option though rule-wise a lot to remember. The rules make sense in my option though very detailed I don’t know if I would play this one yet- if there was like a cheat-sheet to go with it I might get it. It’s cool though don’t get me wrong nice work

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    Recently we started to add an extra overview table (page 7 table 4) which u can interpret as a cheat-sheet. The need for accessibility of the rules during game play was resolved by some with unit cards as in Special Operations Forces expansion. I enjoy how the community comes up with answers to such questions to make the expansions more enjoyable and playable.

    I will do you (@Linkler) an offer. PM me and I will get you a free set and in return post an objective review on the HBG website and share with us here what your experience with the expansion was. I am available for questions on this thread.
    Do we have a deal? 🤗

  • @delaja you’ve got a deal! I’d be glad to try it out and write up a review, and thanks for the offer ! 😃 I’ll message you

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