Recapturing a Liberated Paris in Global War 1936

  • I am confused about Paris.
    I am sure I am correct when Rome falls Italy surrenders and all Italian units are removed from the game.
    The 1st time Paris falls (usually as a result from Germany) Vichy France can get formed. I understand all the formation of Vichy France and Free France.
    As the game progresses Free French can get reasonably strong (especially if the win abysynia) with Lend Lease etc.
    UK then liberates Paris and conquers Southern France. Free France now becomes France and all Vichy units now become France.
    The next round Germany retakes Paris.
    This is the point I am confused. It seems unfair to treat France the same way Italy is treated when Rome falls. Vichy France would not get reformed.
    What happens to the French units which may be quite strong outside Europe?
    What happens to other french Units in France?
    What happens to the the French money they have in the bank?
    From my take on the rules all French units should be removed from the board as they have effectively surrendered…but this does not seem fair as the Free French usually do nothing to help liberate Paris. If this is the case it seems a very risky strategy to even attempt to liberate Paris.
    Thanks in advance for your replies

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    I have moved your topic to the correct forum category.

    Have fun.

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    @misck All nations have separate surrender conditions in the game. While France does surrender, Free France never surrenders. It doesn’t matter what Italy does when it surrenders, they have their own surrender conditions.

    Vichy still exists when you recapture Paris, Vichy only surrenders when you capture their capital from them.

  • @generalhandgrenade I have not quite explained the full situation. Vichy was also defeated in Southern France. Paris fell with the 4 French militia and a few British fighters when the Germans counter attacked.
    This is my dilema. Free French is now France. Vichy has gone. All French troops are in Turkey. So now Paris has been recaptured, what happens next

  • @misck It is my understanding that Free France still exists, and has now evolved to a major power. Free France never surrenders. I know it says “effectively becomes France again” on the National Reference Sheet for Free France, but that “effectively” word, at least to me, means that Free France is still the never-surrendering-Free-France and not that they turn into 1940-like France that would be willing to surrender and form Vichy France.

  • @hbg-gw-enthusiast Thanks so much. That makes perfect sense

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    Understanding your question as Paris falling for a second time in the game. I would say apply 9.23 here for the cash if Paris was chosen as the capital again. (Free) France would become a minor power and go back and forth between major and minor power each time losing Paris
    Check War status, surrender and evolvement to major power on the Free French NRS.

    So in your case there is no Vichy anymore so we can speak of Free France being France. If Paris was the capital of (Free) France, it needs to choose another capital. Cash would in your case go to Germany, unless France would have chosen to keep its other capital as capital. France becomes a minor power again until Paris is liberated. And Paris does not need to be liberated specifically by Free French (which could be an interpretation of the rules). Any liberation of Paris would make France a major power again. As a minor power France can do no tech rolls or send lend lease.

  • @delaja If you look at the National Reference Sheet for Free France, at the time Free France is formed, Free France chooses a capital.

    Then, when Paris is liberated, this rule applies: Page 45, Capturing an Enemy Capital, “If a nation relocates its capital, it can be moved back at any time if again in Possession.”

    I think the word, “can” would indicate voluntariness on the relocation of the Free French capital back to Paris. I’m not positive about this, but I’d argue that Free France doesn’t have to move their capital back to Paris again, so they would not lose their income or have to relocate their capital again.

    One other interesting question is if Free France becomes a major power (when Paris is liberated), if the Axis recapture Paris, does Free France lose its major power status, or, like China CCP/KMT, once it becomes a major power again, does it remain a major power?

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    If I remember correctly, the lead designer and I decided on ‘can’ on purpose and I think I remember we said we wanted it to go back and forth between major and minor should someone want Paris as the capital and loose it. So if Paris is in the middle of the front lines, you should think twice to make it your capital. It might well be that the new capital may be much easier defended and that the political and military leaders rule Free France from there until the end of the war. If the lead designer does not disagree or it is clarified in further errata apply as is written up here.

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    Ya I agree on the “can” idea. Played games where yes Paris is capital again but do you really want to capture it and Germany gets the money again.

    Curiosity what would be the new capital city ?
    Based on where front line is. I’m sure there’s more than one on map ?

    Italy staying neutral strategy may seem South France the place.

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    We have seen people choose a capital near USA, but the downside is that it is far from the front. Close to Egypt would be handy, but there are still a lot of possibilities I have not seen played out yet. Some obviously not but pick any French land zone that suits your strategy best. It does not have to be in the French home country.

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    Might be cool if the capital had to go to French Equatorial Africa where De Galle started his rising if I read it right.

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    That is optional for history buffs 😉

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    @delaja said in Recapturing a Liberated Paris in Global War 1936:

    That is optional for history buffs 😉

    Yes it is. I do have that anyway. Cool.

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