Making minatures for the board game

  • Been a while since I have posted, anyway just wanted to ask anyone thought about making different miniatures and if so how I’ve been thinking 3d printing but detail and size seem to be issues from what I’ve seen. Also thought about trying to sculpt and do some sort of mould which will take longer. Let me know your thoughts.

    I’m talking custom units by the way, I’m currently working on a kaiserreich alternate history map and pieces, been working on its for a while, its a interesting alternate history timeline for anyone interested in history and ww2 (probably most of you) and are sick of the same old, same old I’d definitely recommend it and as a community its real starting to gain some momentum.

  • 2022 2021

    @hopper1999 If you’re planning on introducing New units to the game then perhaps jeeps, Land+Sea mines, anti tank guns and a smaller version of dive (Tac) bombers, for the current ones are just too Big to fit on the carriers+looks too much like Strategic bombers- the 1914 version could use many New units such as mines, Zeppelins, bombers, machine guns and such!!!

  • @hopper1999 resin 3d printing is your best bet. I have tried casting it’s ok but get long thin bits to full cast without injection molding is hit and miss and near on impossible

  • @call77 See I’ve been talking to some guys who know a little more than I do about 3d printing and have heard resin is really painful especially for beginners. For Resin did you like sculpt or did you just like use the existing nations units?

  • @hopper1999 I made my own airfields then molded it and cast it. They worked out well. Naval bases I bought 3d prints and molded them and cast them.

    I have cut glued various other units like hms courageous, uss Lexington and chopped up some hbg yamatos and sanded and turned them into german h class bb and few others

  • @hopper1999 I’ve access to both resin and PLA printers, and while resin has a couple of extra steps compared to PLA, I wouldn’t consider it painful. I’ve come to appreciate resin’s ability to show detail even in very small scale. For me its worth the extra steps to clean and cure, for those results. What’s great is there are so many free units available, with some simple editing/converting you can quickly build cool armies.
    As for casting, while I haven’t casted any A&A parts yet (still building my unit library), I have casted a lot of 3.75 action figure parts. I’ve gotten best results using a syringe and pressure pot. (I converted a old paint pressure tank). You inject your mold, and then put it under pressure, I’d do around 30psi, to help the resin into the thinner parts of the mold and prevent bubbles. It also helps, when making your mold to put it under pressure as well. I’ve found it helps prevents bubbles in the silicone and between the silicone and the part being cast.
    I plan on using casting to duplicate units I already have, that I can’t find stl files for.

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