• Hello everyone!
    Has anyone wondered how WW2 would have played out if D-Day had failed?
    Well, you’re in luck!
    the Tri-Polar Cold War!

    In this scenario, the Allied forces have been repulsed from the beaches of France. With this comes a crippling loss of equipment for the British army. As more German forces become available for deployment on the Eastern Front, the Soviet advances are soon bogged down.

    Ever more distrustful of his Western “allies”, Stalin decides to sue for peace with the German government. With more cards on the table than their German counterparts, the Russians write up a very beneficial treaty that hands them control of oil rich Romania. Bulgaria and Yugoslavia too fall under the Soviet sphere of influence and Poland is once again divided in half as stated by the Molotov Ribbentrop.

    With the treaty signed, Stalin immediately orders the occupation of Finland, much to the dismay of the remaining Allied powers, who have had all ties to Moscow severed by Stalin and his staff. Fearing more communist expansion, and still wanting to defeat Nazi Germany, the Allies execute amphibious landings into Greece, liberating it. However, these supplies unfortunately had to come from the Italian campaign, and soon the Germans are able to stiffen the front line resulting in prolonged attrition.

    Soon, the atomic bombs are dropped, and Japan surrenders. With the war in the Pacific over, the Allies look again at Europe. While another landing is considered, the lack of supplies and increased German resistance dissuades Britain, as the majority of its forces were lost on the first attempt. This and the lack of Russian participation makes another landing attempt unfeasible. The atomic bomb is an option, but the potential for the Russians to swoop into Western Europe in the aftermath is too high.

    In the end, the Allies have no choice, but to negotiate the end of the war with Hitler, who in addition to ordering a build up of military strength has renewed interest in the development of nuclear weaponry. This interest is shared by Stalin.

    A Tri-Polar Cold War is about to begin…

    (For those who know, I will be still be working towards the completion of the second Axis America Cold War setup. I just needed to set that one aside and start working on something new. Stay tuned for updates ;) )

  • @monsieurmurdoch This looks interesting!

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