• I am a newbie in a&a minis.

    I have a starter and one contested.

    If I could only get one case from which set should i get?

    Eventually I would get others…


  • Put in your scenario, I’d buy a case of the base set first and then the D Day set 4.  I bought sporadically from 1 & 3 until I got the set 4 case.  I’ve only picked up one booster from set 2 so far.  That was a good move for the overall savings and lack of repeats on the rares.  I’m about to be out of touch for half a year and it is my intent to get a case from each of the first three sets on my return.

  • I’d recommend the base set for starters. It has a lot of core units (M4A1 Shermans, Humbers, SS-PGs, very good commanders, etc).

    Also, it’s always better to buy cases if you can, rather than buying a cases worth of boosters individually - you’re 99.99% guaranteed a better spread of units, eg every case I’ve gotten has given me 4 of every common in the set, 2-3 of every uncommon, and usually 12/15 rares, though occasionally there’s a double.

    Alternatively, go on eBay or to your FLGS that carries singles and just buy what you need. I prefer cases as it gives you the basis of what you need, and often extras for traders, but I do use eBay to get the numbers of some of the units I want.

  • Well it also depends what country you are wanting to collect.

    If collecting:

    USSR: Buy either a set II or a set III.  Set I has 2 good soviet tanks but thats about it.  Id recommend you just buy those online or trade.

    UK:  Buy either set I or set IV.  Lots of goodies for the UK in those.  There are 2 good rares in set II but I just recommend you to buyem online or trade.

    Japan:  Set I and set II is the way to go for Japan.  Set IV only has the Honor Bound hero.  Buy that one online, im sure hes only like 75 cents.  😉

    Germany and US:  Just buy any freakin set!!  They all have lots of good German and American units.  😄

    If you are looking to collect whole sets like my friend Sol….then just buy a whole case of any set.  Simple as that.  😛

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