• I’m new to the game in general, i have been playing for just a month now. My question is this if I pull forces from normandy on G1
    won’t that leave a great opening for GB to invade and build a IC there and become a constant threat, which will require me to deal with them or face two enemys on mainland.

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    The UK most definetly will invade even if it’s just with 1 infantry, W. Europre is worth $6.  The Uk is unlikely to build an IC on round 2 unless they are reasonably sure they can hold it through round 3 (that is the soonest they could start placing units there).  If they land, counter-attack & push them back into the sea especially in the early rounds.

  • 2007 AAR League

    you cannot stop uk from taking norway. if you leave troops there they will die. if you add troops you take away from attacking russia & they still will die. if you can pile in karelia it will slow down uk.

  • 2007 AAR League

    you can increase your odds of keeping Norway if you sink the Canadian transport in SZ1 with your sub from SZ8.  That leaves the UK with only 1 transport to land troops in Norway on UK1.

  • Thanks i think ill try holding to it by sinking the transport in SZ1 but won’t pay to much attention to it.

  • A better solution than going after than TRN is to simply fortify Western on G1.

    Kill the Gibraltar BB with your SZ8 sub and 3 FIGs, then land those FIGs in Western.
    Move 1 INF from Southern to Western, and 1 INF from Germany to Western.

    You can now pull your ARM out of Western to send against Russia but still have a defense of 4 INF, 3 FIG, and an AA against UK in UK1.

    UK can still try for Western, but they have only a 40% chance of success, and most of the time they lose their AF trying while you only lose your INF and a FIG.  (Germany loses 22 IPC’s of units, UK loses 51 IPC’s of units)

  • If you are new to the game  a very important lesson to learn is patience. Unless you wish to depend on luck the game can not be won in a single turn. What can happen on a given turn is important but so are its consequences down the line. You have to look to the long term.

  • 2007 AAR League


    If you are new to the game  a very important lesson to learn is patience. Unless you wish to depend on luck the game can not be won in a single turn. What can happen on a given turn is important but so are its consequences down the line. You have to look to the long term.

    Expanding on this, what ever side/country you’re playing set a strategic goal.  Taylor your purchases and attacks to achieving that goal.  Exploit targets of opportunity if they present themselves, but don’t get bogged down in protracted battles that don’t move you towards your ultimate goal.  This is a lot harder than it sounds & I still struggle with this even after a year of play.

  • I struggle with staying on goal as well. It is easy to get off plan when it doesn’t look like the plan is going where you want. The other thing to keep mindful of is some things are only disguised as oppurtunities but are really traps.

    But back on the real question, you must contest WEU early in the game and late in the game and all thru the game. UK isn’t going to build an IC until they are not going to give it back to a German counter attack and by then it is too late. WEU is a good place to pile up Ger FTRs as they will demand a high price on an under strength invasion and can harrass Allied shipping or at least force the construction of ships for defense slowing the Allied tide.

    WEU is at the heart of knowing your strategic goal. What is G’s goal? How does defending WEU or letting it go advance or hinder acheiving that goal?

    That is what all these forums are about the pros and cons and how to go abouts your strategic goals.

  • But if England attacks WEU i can counterattack immediately, but in Normandy it may take me 1 or even 2 turns to get enough forces to retake the territory, until then they can build forces there and wait for the Americans creating a mass attack from all sides (they did this to me in the last game) and lets not forget the Russians. Sorry for the constant questions.  :?.

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    OK Raven,

    I think you’re a bit confused. Normandy IS Western Europe (WEU). Western Europe includes The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and all of France (Normandy). If Germany doesn’t have enough units to retake Western Europe in G2 then the game will be very short.

    Perhaps you are thinking of NORWAY.

    Norway will fall to the allies very early in the game and there is very little Germany can do about it. Let it go. Evacuate your infantry and fighter before they get destroyed.

    And a UK IC in Norway is a waste of money unless UK is making more than $32 which is the max amount of money required to fully build (4 inf, 4 arm) in UK and transport every turn. Even if UK is making more than $32, there is no real reason to build an IC in Norway. Just build a high value unit like a fighter or bomber in place of an infantry or armor.

  • Thanks for the correction (geography is my weak point :-D), we are playing tomorrow so I’ll try it like that.

  • 2007 AAR League

    One thing to keep in mind about IC.  You normally will want to build an IC for 1 of 2 reasons.

    1.  Your income exceeds your build capacity.  This is very common for Japan, they have only 1 IC with a build limit of 8.

    2.  Your current IC’s are far from battlefield.  Also very common for Japan as they move farther west in Asia.  This also applies to the US & UK to a lesser degree.  Many US/UK players will place an IC in Sinkiang (US) and/or India (UK) in an effort to slow down Japan’s western advance.

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