Air Superiority Rules for GW 1936 v3

  • I am hoping wiser minds might be able to clarify the rule on Air Supremacy. After FIRST STRIKE the next step in combat is 1 round of Air Supremacy. I pose the following scenario, “A German player is attacking with 4 fighters and 2 tac bombers along with 1 tank and 3 infantry. The defending player has 2 fighters, 4 infantry.” No units are first strike.

    The Germans role a total of 2 hits.

    According to the example the first hits MUST be applied against the defending players air planes ( per the rules ) So the defending player must take 2 hits vs their planes leaving 1 left.

    QUESTIONS: Does the defending player get a defense roll? Or does Air Superiority depend upon which power has the most planes in combat for that battle. If the example was flipped concerning the fighters present ( 4 fighters vs 3 fighters for the attacker ) does that mean that the defending player is allowed to make defense rolls against the attacking player first??

    QUESTIONS: In the example, the attacking player gets 2 hits. Does the defending player get a defense roll if they have fighters left? Also, it would be assumed that any hits scored by the defender would ALSO have to be taken by the attackers planes first.

    QUESTION: In the example above, after air superiority is completed the FIRST round of GROUND combat begins. No fighter planes can take part in this first round of combat since they just engaged in 1 round of battle. The TAC bombers can participate if the first round provided ( above ) they survived "the defending players counter attack??? "

    QUESTION: In the above example changes, in that, the defending player has NO planes of any type, then the attacking player still has 4 fighters that make attack rolls and they get 4 hits. All 4 hits are taken against the infantry and they are gone and they get NO return/defense rolls? Since infantry do not have air superiority they can not defend in this round of combat. If 1 infantry HAD survived then they could have fought in the next phase of normal combat against the the 2 TAC bombers, 1 tank and 3 infantry.

    Sorry but this happens to be the most confusing and poorly written and least commented on rule in GW 1936

    Thank you .

  • @vondox
    The air superiority thing is not first strike so the defending planes fire back regardless if hit or not

  • @vondox you just designate hits by your fighters first round to aircraft if possible if there’s none present they count as hits against whatever else is there, I think your just overthinking it a bit hope this helps

  • @vondox
    So, the way air superiority works is actually rather simple if you figure it out.
    It is not really an extra step, but can be separated out for ease.
    Basically, any hits fighters or jets get on the first round of combat must be applied to planes. That is it. Just make sure you keep track of your fighter’s hits so you can dole them out separately.
    So, fighters don’t get to shoot twice, other planes can shot at other things, and superiority is NEVER first strike. It is just a weird form of target select.

    I hope that helps.

  • '22 '21 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 Customizer

    How would you feel about figs and tacs/dive bombers ( after they drop there bomb or torpedo first round ) dog fighting each round of combat ?

    Its like this. Suppose each fig is like 20-30 planes. d12 system. So fig AD@5 + if any roll is a 2 or less gets a hit on a plane too. So fig rolls a 2, applies a normal hit and then gets a plane kill too. This forces the defender to have to choose a plane when he doesn’t want to. This also helps prevent those planes lasting till the last rounds which to me is not right.

    Basically you have all scenarios going on for planes. After first round Tacs/dive AD@4 and have + if roll is a 1 get a DF plane kill too.

    Tacs/Dive first round AD@6 and can pick target only then.

    This same concept u can do for ship AA guns to. This concept works great here too. Planes DF and attacking ships while some ships killing ships ( with guns ) and getting AA gun plane kills too.

  • @trig It does, ALOT… Thank you. I thought that might be the case. So in the example I cite if both the Attacker and Defender get 2 hits with their fighter those ‘hits’ must be taken against air craft in turn 1 only. On round 2 and more any hits that result from planes can be taken by any unit. Your right… I was overthinking it…

  • @trig @vondox

    Basically, any hits fighters or jets get on the first round of combat must be applied to planes.

    To be pedantic hits fighters or jets get on the first round of combat must be applied to planes first, if the planes are killed, the casualties roll over to other units.

  • @insanehoshi True…
    I forgot that.

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