Japan completely avoiding china

  • In our last AA50 1941 playthrough, Japan completely avoided china, and it went perfect!

    Economically it made sense, since chinese infantry is cheaper but as hard to kill; and china always plays defence.

    Japan just took all its forces except two inf, and invaded russia. So, after three rounds, Japan was pushed out of china with the loss of 10 IPC’s income (provinces and NO’s), though it didn’t matter, because the allies didn’t get that additional income, and chinese forces was stuck in china.

    At the end, the axis won the game, and china was reduced to a neutral nation with aircraft landing priviliges for the allies. It look stupid to have piles of inf. chips standing in china going nowhere.

    Have anybody else experienced this, and can it be fixed without giving a huge favour for the allies?

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    @thomas-sam-smitshuysen Just let Chinese forces leave China IMO. You’re playing with NOs so the Axis already have a massive advantage. Thus, it would only be fair to at least let the Chinese dudes actually do something.

  • @domanmacgee

    To me it looks like a swing of about 17 -22 IPCs when you consider NOs as well as territories china can take back.

    I think those 17 are vital to Japan especially Manchuria which is often a tank factory.

    If further tweaking is needed I would allow China to take back HongKong/ Vietnam/ Burma. That would really spice things up in the China v Japan Theatre,

  • @the-spaceman, the networth of lost IPC’s is not that high, if you use your forces to eg. rush Russia, simply because the russian ipc’s are taken out of their economy (so double worth so to speak). The chinese IPC doesn’t go to the allies (if you strictly keep out of China).

    But yes, it is a bit alternative. In our game it came out beautifully, because UK beefed up India. But with the stronger japanese navy, the UK forces ended up never seeing any action.

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