• Well we are starting to experiment with the various national advantages and although most countries have at least 1 good advantage and most even a few to chose from for japan i dont really know what to take.

    We still use the box rules not the latest version so no super battleship or targeted kamikazes :(, yes working on that part.

    What would you take for japan ?

    Dug in defenders are nice but since the US wont come after the islands and even if they do 2 BB support vs 1 inf means no defence roll anyway.
    Kamikazes cant be targeted so will kill fodder for a high price.
    Banzaai attacks ( well why attack with only inf if you got a huge airforce)
    Lightning attacks dont see a reason for this not that many costal areas to attack and attacking with 2 transpots you can send 1 to each country anyway.

    At least those 3 i disregarded pretty fast. Am i missing some things here ?

  • OK… a few thoughts…

    #1:  Lightning:  Can be VERY effective if played well.  Allows major allied annoyances like:
    1.  Taking both Alaska and WCan on the same move, preventing an immediate counter in Alaska
    2.  Taking Madagascar and South Africa at the same time.
    3.  Landing in two of Egypt/IEA/Persia on the same move with a single TRN.

    It allows for VERY rapid Japan IPC gain with a single TRN, and is often difficult for the Allies to quickly counter withotu singificant dedication of forces.

    #2:  Banzai:  Again can be effective if played well.  Japan is initially a cash starved nation with almost no heavy land units and a large amount of INF.  With Banzai, Japan can make MAJOR offensives, supported by AF, in one area, and send massed unreinforced INF in another area and still have a good chance of success.  It is also HIGHLY advantageous if Japan has sent their AF to Germany for defense, or if their AF is needed due to US naval movements in the Pacific by allowing Japan to maintain a significant offensive posture at VERY minimal expense.

    A few other odd commnets…
    When you say “high priced fodder killer”… without transports, fleets are worthless.

  • Hm never used transports like that and im a fan of art for some reason.

    Well if you start trading fighters for trannies you are losing something imo.

  • Trading a fig for a TRN, especially against the US in the Pacific can be VERY valuable though.

    Sure, you lose 10, the US loses 8 IPCs of units.


    1.  Was the US TRN loaded?  It is 2 moves from Western to Japan or Asia, so unless he has island staging bases to offload after each move, you can catch those TRN’s loaded, which makes the US IPC loss go grom 8 to as much as 16 IPC.
    2.  Again, the US IC’s are 2 moves from Asia.  Sink those TRN’s enroute and it is two more turns before a new TRN can be built and sail to Asia (figuring the US replaces it on the same turn that Japan sinks it).  That is a serious opportunity cost for the US, even if the TRN was empty. 
    3. Trading 1 FIG for 2 units not reaching Japan’s core territories is BETTER than the same FIG bolstering defense on a land territory against a combined US attack of amphib units, BB shots, and air power.  Kill the TRN’s and you also kill the BB shot(s), and you make the FIGs have no fodder (and no ability to occupy) if they attack on their own (which they won;t, so you block the entire many, many IPC attack force with just a few TRN’s being sunk).

    As for being a fan of ART…
    At mid-game, Japan is usually getting about 45 IPC’s of income.
    If you are buying ART/INF pairs, you can get 6.5 pairs per turn (13 units)
    Using Banzai INF, your INF are 2’s anyway (just like being ART supported), but you can buy 15 units instead of 13.
    And of course your defense strength is increased by those extra 2 units purchased as well.
    Basically, it is a 16% boost to Japan’s IPC value using Banzai INF over ART/INF combo.

  • Moderator

    If you feel that the Standard NA’s aren’t any good you can use those developed by B. Andersson Game Master…

    Japan National Advantages

    1. Tokyo Express
    The Japanese High Command used destroyer convoys to ferry infantry. Allied forces at Guadalcanal dubbed this the “Tokyo Express”.
    Each of your destroyers may act as a transport for one infantry. These destroyers follow the same rules for loading and offloading units as transports do.

    2. Kamikaze Attacks (revised)
    A terrifying development was the Japanese suicide tactics as a desperate means of slowing the Allied advance. The Japanese used pilots who only knew how to take off and dive into their target with an aircraft full of explosives.
    You may convert your fighters to kamikaze – suicide – aircraft to perform kamikaze attacks on any naval target of your chosing, except submarines. Such an aircraft have a range of 2 and may only be launched from Japan or Okinawa. Kamikaze attacks must be declared during combat movement turn and you receives 2 IPC´s from the bank for each converted fighter. A kamikaze attack takes place during the opening fire step of the first cycle of combat and automatically hits the chosen target, but the chosen target may defend first. If a target chosen is an aircraftcarrier with at least one aircraft onboard, the aircraftcarrier defends on a 4 or less. More over, one hit is sufficient to sink a battleship. The defending target may defend against many kamikaze attacks, but may not counterattack any other attacking units. A kamikaze aircraft may not be taken as a casualty, as kamikaze aircrafts are destroyed when they make their attack.

    3. Floatplane Fighters (replace Kaiten Torpedoes)
    With an empire stretching across thousands of kilometers of the Pacific, the Japanese specialized in good floatplane fighters.
    Your fighters may treat islands you control and adjacent sea zones as one. Therefore your fighters can travel in and out from an island or island group you control at no cost of movement. An island or island group is a territory located entirely inside one sea zone.

    4. Dreadnoughts (replace Lightning Assaults)
    Dreadnoughts or leviathans like Yamato and Musashi were the largest and most powerful battleships the world has ever seen.
    Your battleships attack and defend on 5.

    5. Fanatic Resistance (replace Dug-In Defenders)
    The fanatic willingness to die for the Emperor was a terrifying feature of Japanese fighting men in all theatres.
    All your infantry defend on a 3 during the first cycle of combat.

    6. Fugo Raid (replace Banzai Attacks)
    Japan used balloon bombs, supposed to set fire to and drop antipersonnel bombs randomly on the U.S. There was even a plan to use balloons in order to attack the enemy with plague.
    Once during the game you can launch a Fugo Raid to reduce enemy industrial production. A Fugo raid must be launched during your mobilize new units phase and from an antiaircraft gun, which may attack an industrial complex within 4 spaces. There is no defense against this attack. The Fugo Raid causes both an economic and a military setback. The opponent must surrender the territory’s income value in IPC’s to the bank (or as many as the player has), and no units can be built in this territory on your enemy’s next turn.

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