Alternative WW1 Pieces by I Will Never Grow Up

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    I Will Never Grow Up Games has an expanding host of alternative 3d printed WW1 Axis and Allies scaled pieces available!

    ca$0.50 to 1.00 per piece.

    Suitable for other 6mm/1:285th scale board games such as our very own Battle of France 1940 or Axis and Allies 1914!

    Also available is a growing selection of other board game accessories such as parts trays, card holders, resources and more!

    Some notes regarding our 3D Printed Alternative AaA Pieces:

    These are 3D Printed FDM and not injection molded pieces. As such, while they my have more detail they may be subsequently somewhat more prone to breakage at any thin areas. We have attempted to mitigate this as best as possible by beefing up barrels and providing additional supports wherever possible, but there is always the chance that something may break.

    As they are FDM 3D printed (not resin) there are layer lines. As small as those lines may be, they may or may not show up when attempting to paint pieces. We highly recommend a very light coat of primer before doing any painting to help fill in any excess layer lines.

    All pieces are scaled to out of box Axis and Allies pieces with some variation for designations such as light, medium, heavy, super heavy.

    Each pieces dimensions are listed on their respective shop entry.

    On request we can do alternate colors of existing models (a small additional charge may apply).

    We will do our best to clean any excess stringing or “flash” from models prior to shipping, however some cleanup may be required.

    Color may vary from one run of pieces to another based on the filament used. While we do attempt to use the same brand and color of filament for each specific nation, supply availability may dictate a different brand, and therefore a different shade on rare occasions.

    We attempt to keep a supply of all pieces in stock, however if a piece is currently out of stock it will take a little longer for your order to be shipped as we produce the short stocked item(s).

    United Kingdom (Tan)

    • Mark V Tank
    • Medium C1 Tank
    • RNAS Rolls Royce Armored Car 1914
    • Medium Mark A Whippet

    Germany (Gray)

    • Daimler DZVR 21 Armored Car
    • A7V Tank
    • Zeppelin/Airship

    France (Blue)

    • St Chammond Heavy Tank
    • FT 17 Light Tank


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    Currently in Development:

    • French Schneider CA1
    • French Fiat Armored Car
    • US Ford 3-Ton Tank
    • US White Armored Car
    • Italian Fiat 2000

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