• @captainnapalm
    I don’t want a roundel per say, but a “locater” (or just the sea zone number) so one can tell where to measure from. In this case I am referring to the use of the roundel as a way to figure out terrain and such, not as a mark or ownership. It is a good system and could easily be applied to sea zones.
    Currently, with all the sea zone numbers in the bottom corners, you don’t know where to measure from when figuring out terrain for amphibs or such. Also, if used, this could allow an easy solution to the coastal gun problem. If from roundel to roundel you cross the crossing, you get shot at. Also, now we can add reefs!
    That is why I want a “roundel” at sea. Even just moving the numbers would help, and solve several problems easily.

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    @trig Where are some places you’ve had trouble telling terrain for amphibious assaults? I don’t recall that ever happening in our games. I think we’d default to the location of the port, if it did.

    As for the coastal guns at narrow crossings problem, it sounds like you are proposing the Sea zone number/roundel be placed between the two narrow crossings in the English Channel? I think that the rules about that situation do need some work!

  • @captainnapalm One example would be north australia. Depending on where you measure it from, an amphibious assault cosses mountains or it does not.

    Im not sure if there are any others.

  • @captainnapalm
    1: See from Hoshi below. There might not be many, but I am sure they will come up.
    2: Yes, that sort of idea, though in the Channel, I would put the “roundel” in the southern (channel) side. You go through none or both of the crossings. Those two crossings are so close together. They are basically just a 4 crossing that goes to two ports. It would be unrealistic to put the roundel between them. The Channel is the bigger of the two sides, and the more likely side for a fleet to be parked on. See here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1CEgx4Z2et2e6QkxhHWFMb3vTa6uJ8PXY&ll=51.36987064258579%2C-0.19830579999998044&z=6
    for a map of the sea zone and a possible other fix

  • @chris_henry I think it would be nice if poeple could send in their old maps ( like v2, v3) to they print the new map over the old one(for a cheaper price)

  • @david-06 that is a great thought but I imagine the logistics of doing something like that would probably drive the price up instead of down.

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    @mark-the-shark, @David-06, in a perfect world for us as consumers, I would love that. I don’t want to sound disparaging at all, but part of me says it would be good to reward your long-time/loyal customers/players who have endured 3-4 (and maybe more in the future) map iterations with that option.

    But the practical part of me gets that that would never happen. I’m sure profit margins are already thin, and it is a business after all, so having them discount maps in exchange for existing old ones probably doesn’t work well. Not to mention they’d have who knows how many V2 maps just lying around collecting dust now.

    Frankly, I’m going to see if I can sell my V2 map for something. I won’t need to have multiple lying around. My dad (who I play this game with mostly along with my brother) is convinced we should keep it as a practice map for my now-11-month-old-son haha. To me that’s what the older A&A versions are for, but he does bring up the good point that this doesn’t take up a ton of space when all rolled up.

    As was mentioned earlier, ~$150 more for a new map isn’t so outrageous to deal with, especially when you consider all the other money you’re bound to have dropped to complete the game. While true not everyone has the same (or hardly any) disposable income, I think it’s safe to say those that don’t have much aren’t exactly shelling out for this game and all its components in the first place.

  • @chris_henry totally agree!

  • @mark-the-shark @Chris_Henry I was thinking of sending the old maps to HGB and to HGB, for a price, print the new board over the old one

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