Panama Canal Zone

  • I was playing a game the other night as the Allies. My opponent moved the Japanese aircraft carrier to the sea zone on the pacific side of the Panama canal. He then proceeded to launch fighters from that AC against the Eastern US sea zone, where I had 2 transports stationed. Is that legal?

    My understanding is that the fighters would have to pass over Panama, Panama’a Atlantic sea zone, and then Eastern US sea zone - that’s 3 moves and he didn’t have long range aircraft. But, the Hasbro Interactive game let him do it.

    Is this a bug? I didn’t mention it at the time because 1) the computer let him do it and 2) I was winning anyway.

    What do you think?

  • He can.
    The two sea zones are linked so planes can fly form pacific two antlatic whituhout flying over panama.

  • Yeah thats legal, Panama restricts ships but not planes.

  • Where do you see the rule that equates Panama to Suez?

    I see the Suez rule on page three of the “Rules Clarifications” addendum - page 35 of the rules download. It states: “The Suez Canal rule, which allows sea unit to move freely through the canal only if both territories bordering it are friendly, does not apply to air units flying over or through the canal.”

    Suez is drawn differently on the map, too. The East Med sz and Red Sea sz have a line between them, indicating they are adjacent sea zones. Pacific Panama sz and Atlantic Panama sz do not. They are seperated by the land mass of Panama. The reason behind this is simple - The Suez Canal is like a river, the Panama Canal is a series of locks.

    Let me pose another question: If I had an anti-aircraft gun in Panama, would it get a shot at overflying airplanes from Pacific to Atlantic?

  • Ok, Panama is a really strange thing. See, its the same sea zone on each side. But, it takes 1 movement for ships to pass through. The rules clarification or the rules in general never really mention planes, so its generally accepted that plans can fly freely over.

  • Yeah, Yanny’s right. I think in the first edition rules you didn’t need to use a movment point to travel through the canal, then they never bother to change the map after MB changed the rule.

  • wow, this thread was nearly 10 years old.

    Hard to say for sure why the creators decided this, perhaps someone who knows will reply.

  • '10

    Wow.  Ten year resurrection. Very impressive.

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