Update and Global War 85 on Facebook

  • Hey global warriors, we do have a Facebook page for Global War 85. Lots of updates and pictures posted there and I try to answer questions as best I can.

    Just finished the most recent playtest. China won the game (barely), Warsaw Pact second, NATO third. The game began with a hotspot scenario representing a significant Warsaw Pact buildup in Central and South America, which kept the US very busy (the Soviets even managed to briefly hold a U.S. home territory) and consequently NATO struggled to hold the Warsaw Pact back in Europe. China managed to hold out against an early Soviet attack by concentrating on purchasing lots of infantry and taking advantage of their ability to wage People’s War.

    The game is really progressing nicely and we need to playtest two more hotspot scenarios (next on the agenda is Able Archer, then South Africa) over the course of the spring and summer.

  • For those of you keeping track, they’ve been posting a lot of updates recently.

  • More aircraft, vehicles, and photos have been dropped on the FB page. I also asked few questions about what their plans are for expansions and add-ons.

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