Latin America at War - War of '41

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    Hey all,

    Going through the Latin America at War Expansion, and had a question on the War of '41 rule 5.0.

    Via rule 1.1 Influence, it is possible for either or both of Ecuador/Peru to align with Germany or the US, respectively, before either power are at war with each other, and also before the July 1941 turn kicks this rule in to gear.

    So my question is, say over the course of influence rolls Germany has already aligned Peru, but Ecuador is still neutral (or if Ecuador is US aligned and Peru is still neutral). That means that the War of '41 rule gets kicked out the window as not being possible anymore, correct? As in, Germany couldn’t use Germany forces (since Peru is aligned) and fight this war with a neutral Ecuador?

    I assume the answer is no, because since Peru is now aligned the Germans/Axis could have conceivably sent reinforcements to Peru, making the fight even more lopsided. Which I guess is maybe just a part-of-the-game chance, but I’m thinking that just cancels out this possibility. But to me, Peru in this scenario ceases to exist as a nation now that it’s aligned, therefore making this not possible, right?

    Would love a clarification though. I may have a follow up question to this depending on the answer!

  • Hello, I do not have this Expansion, but have read the rules.

    LAW 5.2 refers to controlled minor powers and specifies that after the war is over, the winning minor aligns to the controlling Major Power.

    The Global rules are very strict on the difference between controlled and aligned.

    It seems to me that you are correct that aligning either Peru or Equador would prevent the ´41 War from happening, as there are not two controlled minors left at this point and the possible outcome of alignment has already happened.

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    @noneshallpass Thanks. Yeah, my scenario would be before 5.2 could happen! Sounds like we’re in agreement on this.

    I feel like I know the rules pretty well, but that can’t be assumed for every player when writing these things. The rule should put in there that 5.0 cannot happen if one of the powers have already been aligned prior to July 1941. That cuts out any potential confusion for anyone right there!

  • That is true for a lot of expansions. There is a lot left to interpretation when new rules and gameplay mechanics are introduced in only a few pages.

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    Yup, one of my complaints. Such a great game, but it seems like the rules are written only about 80%. I just wish they’d sit down and really clean up discrepancies and contradictions amongst everything. Especially the expansions, as you pointed out. There always seems to be something there that then doesn’t sit right with the base game rules that goes unexplained!

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    It’s all about pumping out sales.

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    @gen-manstein Haha you’re probably right. I like to think it’s just taking on way too many projects at once. My guess is it’s somewhere in the middle. But true that in the end it is a business trying to make money, and the best way to do that is to pump out products at the cost of some QC’ing.

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    Well back in the day tigerman with Doug’s help came out with 39 game. Me and Koba and Gar with a few other groups ended up helping with the rule changes based on play testing.
    Even Gar had a house rule chart for 6.0 version rules.
    Then HBG came out with own 39 version 1. We played that game and had many rule changes based on our play. Think we ended up with 5 versions of rules. Ha ha.
    Then 36 39 v2 came out but HBG had own testers there. Rules were better but needed tweaks.
    Then 35 39 v3 and now u got a bunch of expansions too.

    The great asset u have now is GHG taking on new project and helping you guys out a lot.
    You are always gonna have rule issues especially with this v3 game and stuff in it.

    So can only play test so much and still need a make a living selling pieces and games.
    Remember they have great stuff.

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    I think I knew you were part of a lot of this at some point. I’d almost pulled the trigger on the original '39 game, but had heard that the '36 game was coming out and that appealed to me a ton so waited on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the game. I love the pieces. I love the map. I love a lot of the expansions. It’s all a great idea! I will always play this game I think, so long as I have the players haha.

    Certainly agreed that GHG is a great source on these boards. Would definitely be a bit more chaos without his (I believe) official input. It’s great he’s so active here and sees most everything too.

    The standard rule set, or concept at the very least, is really sound. It’s just with the expansions some things seem forgotten about as consequences of other things. Probably unsurprising with a 70+ page rulebook haha. That and some consistency in some areas. They look a lot better now, but the national reference sheets drove me crazy in V2. Half would mention artillery having first strike, for example, and half wouldn’t specify. Or some of them had a number/date/word/etc. just a bit off from the rulebook where it require(d/s) an official ruling.

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    Never meant to sound like you didn’t like game. I get it. It can be harder sometimes and longer to get a change or update maybe based on they would like to test it again.
    Ya I get your expansion issues.

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    No worries, didn’t think you were saying that! Sometimes I feel like a complain too much about these same issues on the boards, it probably makes me look like I enjoy the game less than I really do haha.

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    @chris_henry said in Latin America at War - War of '41:

    No worries, didn’t think you were saying that! Sometimes I feel like a complain too much about these same issues on the boards, it probably makes me look like I enjoy the game less than I really do haha.

    Naw. I get it where your coming from. We went through same thing. Lol. Or maybe not. Lol

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