Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion

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    The Rules Clarification has ben updated today.

    The clarifications concern:

    • Landing Craft units
    • Heavy Bomber units

  • You are doing great👍🏼

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  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Coming Up in 2023:

    • A full color printed rulebook with the Revised Edition of Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion
      The Revised Edition is mostly based on questions and comments from players in the Axis & Allies community and includes several rules clarifications.
    • New color coded plastic playing pieces
      A combination of “Punch Out” card board roundels and color coded plastic units is available to make it easier for players to manage the game - and make the game look more realistic.
    • A YouTube Channel is created, with videos and pictures of “How to use the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion”.
      Also, various strategies will be promoted with explanations.
    • Global 1943 is included as an appendix in the new printed rulebook.

    This ambitious project is expected to be released no later than 21st April 2023.

    More informations and updates will be announced at this forum - stay with us.

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Correction concerning Army Group and Landmines:

    • An Army Group must be formed either during Non-Combat Movement or the Place New Units phase.
      The Army Group is then ready to defend in the same round and can attack in the next or on any future round.

    This correction now reflects the same game mechanisms that involve all other Armies - an makes game play easier.

    • Landmines can be produced by all Nations - except China.
      India is considered a Nation/Capital - so mines can also be produced in India.
      The game mechanisms concerning production of mines are not changed however.

    Those two corrections will be part of the Rules Clarification and the revised Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion rulebook.

  • @the-captain

    It’s going to be to hard for Japan when India has around 10-20 mines laying on Burma or elsewhere.

  • @cornelis-post yea forget the Tank. Drop 5 LMs a turn. If JPN gets ready to attack drop a 20 spot lol

    Will limit any offensive operations in SE Asia though and JPN might not mind a stalemate at Burma. They can focus on China/Russia. Which I like to do anyway unless India vulnerable.

    It’s a new twist and will be fun to try out :)

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Remember that in India, the United Kingdom player can spend a maximum of 20 IPC each round.

    So, for each 3 Mines, an Infantry unit can be produced instead.

    Statistically, you’ll need 3 Mines to score 1 hit.

    What we have seen so far is, that Mines produced on a massive scale does not benefit the defender.

    Mines are usually used to defend a line that the enemy would have to pass several times.
    In that way the possibility of scoring hits is increased significantly.

  • @the-captain yes Good point. I think there is a psychological aspect seeing all those LMs though lol. Especially if inexperienced.

    Will include an Option with next update. Looking forward to trying it out. I’ll probably stay with normal builds but might do one less INF a turn for 3 LMs just to have a few :)

  • @the-captain said in Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion:

    What we have seen so far is, that Mines produced on a massive scale does not benefit the defender.

    This is interesting. LMs can only Defend first rd of combat but 30 shots at a 2 as opposed to 10 could be pretty devastating to JPN.

    Depends on the dice obviously but it would give me pause on the attack

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21


    Yes - United States can declare War on it’s 3rd turn - Early 1941 - against Germany and Italy - but not Japan. This is the same as the OOB G40 rules.

    In this way, if Japan attacks - or declares War on - any US, UK or ANZAC units/territories, the United States will activate the US National Guard (6 Infantry units and 2 Fighter units.)

    In addition, United States would be able to declare War and attack Japan any time in any future round.

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    @the-captain said in Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion:

    It is not possible to keep a Bunker unit if the Infantry unit leaves it.
    Not even if you send new Infantry units into that territory during NCM.

    The Bunker unit (Fortification) represents Heavy Weapons, barbed wire, anti-personel mines, obstacles etc. and specially trained fortification infantry units.
    When the Fortification is left behind by the infantry defending in it, everything is considered demolished to avoid capture by enemy units.

    So if Infantry Units go into/activate a Bunker, they can leave under no circumstances ?

    If i have 2 INF move from W Ger to Holland, where there are 2 INF and 2 Bnkrs, can they replace the 2 INF in Holland allowing the 2 Holland INF to move to Normandy ?

    On the same turn.

    After rereading the above It is not possible to keep a Bunker unit if the Infantry unit leaves it.
    Not even if you send new Infantry units into that territory during NCM.

    I’m gonna guess answer is no. Basically once a INF is in a Bunker it can never leave or the Bunker dies

  • @barnee

    If an Infantry unit leaves the Fortification for any reason, the Fortification is destroyed.
    Even if a new Infantry unit is moving into the same territory/island during Non-Combat Move.

    So in your example, the Bunker is destroyed.

    The challenge about Fortifications is, that you must consider future movements at an early stage - to avoid loosing the Bunker.

  • @The-Captain After another 10 hours or so of playing the Axis finally conceded not too long after Rome fell to the United States invasion.
    One item that came up was in regards to destroying industrial complexes. I know you can destroy underground complexes so shouldn’t a country be able to destroy any above ground complex as well? I looked through the section 1 Expansion rules but didn’t find it, or maybe I’m blind. It doesn’t make sense for a country to only be able to destroy underground complexes.


  • @mkgionet

    It sounds as a great game.

    Concerning demolition of facilities:

    1. Air Base & Naval Base:
      These facilities can be demolished at a cost of 4 IPC, since they are considered to consist of simple structures and supply areas.

    2. Industrial Complex:
      An Industrial Complex is considered to consist of more complex and extensive structures with multiple production facilities.
      Further more the area in which the Industrial Complex is present represents vast logistical supply lines etc.

    During play testing, we tried various scenarios in both cost and procedures on how to demolish facilities.

    Clearly, there had to be a major difference in not only demolishing an Air or Naval Base and an Industrial Complex - but also a difference in the process.

    Simply because these facilities are different in both size and complexity.

    Since we had already play tested the Underground Factory - as part of the Strategic Bombing concept - we went on to play test the suitability of Underground Factory for destruction.

    Play test results showed, that the game mechanisms were functioning - and we achieved both a difference in cost as well as procedure in demolishing an Air or Naval Base compared to an Industrial Complex.

    For game play reasons, it was important to keep the Demolishion rules as simple as possible - and also make it attractive to players.

    The final result is now part of the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    Thanks for your comment - I hope the above explanation is adequate:+1:

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Combat Board is used for resolving Combat with Global 1940 and Global 1943 Expansions.

    The Combat Board (see attached file) will be included in the revised edition of the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    The Army Group Markers are represented for Germany (red outline) and the Allies (blue outline) - and are attached to both the Attacker and Defender side.
    Remember that an active Army Group has 2 extra dice rolls.

    Combat Board.pdf

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    @the-captain When Germany takes over Italy, can they produce 1 Elite in Rome as well as the 1 in Berlin ? It has to be built in Rome though, if so ?

    Germany takes over the production capacity of
    Italy’s Landing Crafts, paratroopers etc. These
    units can be produced in Berlin and in Rome.

    Yea it’d have to be in Rome if so. Only 1 Elite per TTY. My guess is yes but wanted to double check

    Nvm Italy doesn’t get Elites lol. Brain start to fry faster every day lol

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21


    The Elite Infantry production must be in the owners Capital - and since Italy cannot produce Elite Infantry, the German player can only produce these units in Germany - even after the Take Over Of Italy.

    It has now been clarified in the revised rulebook that we are working on now.

  • @the-captain Sorry if I already asked this, but Paras can be transported by Sea and Rail ? Not by Air trprt ?

    When loaded on to a Transport the Paratrooper
    counts as a tank unit towards the Transports


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