Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion

  • @barnee

    The initial House Rules Expansion play testing for Global 1940 (1st edition - and the later 2nd edition) began the day after the game was released (as soon as we got hands on the G40 game)

    At that time, all islands in the Pacific were given an Increased IPC Value.

    As play testing commenced it was obvious that not all islands were equally “attractive targets”.

    We then studied deeper into the History of those islands to determine their Historical Tactical & Strategic Values.

    It seemes that the OOB IPC values mostly indicate a Strategic Value (oil, iron core and other natural resources) rather than a Tactical Value (is the island suited for occupation as part of the fighting and further advance in the Pacific etc.).

    Basically, we wanted to add an Increased Tactical Value - which is why the Pacific islands with an Increased IPC Value still have 2 IPC Values (the OOB IPC Value and the Increased IPC Value - this is explained later).

    We agreed to gradually change the Increased IPC Values as our play testing went forward - and also agreed that by Play Testing Game No. 50 we should be able to determine the final Increased IPC Value for all islands in the Pacific.

    By Play Testing Game No. 36 we also added Increased IPC Values for the islands in the Mediterranian & Atlantic Oceans.
    After a few games it was obvious that this was only an advantage for the Axis - so the plan was dropped.

    Finally, after Play Testing Game No. 53, we were able to determine the Increased IPC Values in the Pacific - and by that time we also concluded that losses inflicted due to Convoy Disruption should be according to the OOB IPC Values. This is why those islands have 2 IPC values.

    The Final Outcome is the one that today is represented in the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

  • @the-captain just wanna double check. BB and CA can still Bombard if amphib landing is LCVs only ? No Trprts

  • @barnee

    Yes - Cruiser units and Battleship units can support any amphibious landing - same rules as OOB.

  • @the-captain

    Heavy Bombers have 2 dice in attack and
    Heavy Bombers operate under Strategic Bomber

    Just to confirm, two dice plus 2 to each roll for SBR attack ?

  • @barnee
    Heavy Bomber units are operating under Strategic Bomber rules.

    The differences between Heavy Bomber units and Strategic Bomber units are:
    Heavy Bomber units:

    • 2 dice in both attack and defense.
    • immune to enemy AAA fire
    • expanded flight range
    • cost

    During a Strategic Bombing Raid, Heavy Bomber units also have 2 dice - and each dice roll is added “2” in the same way as for Strategic Bomber units, to determine the losses inflicted by the Strategic Bombing Raid.
    This is also the case when Heavy Bomber units attack other facilities (Air & Naval Base).

    See more details at pg. 59 in the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

  • @the-captain said in Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion:

    and each dice roll is added “2” in the same way as for Strategic Bomber units,

    right on that was what i wanted to know. The rules don’t imply anything different as written. Haven’t really used them and wanted to make sure

  • @the-captain Can you send empty LCVs into combat ? Cannon fodder only ?

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Attacking Landing Craft units can be send into combat - without cargo.

    If your Landing Craft units have to pass through an enemy Minefield, you might want to consider using some of your empty Landing Craft units as cannon fodder if they are struck by a Mine.

    Remember that if a Landing Craft unit is hit by a Mine, the units inside the Landing Craft unit are also lost.

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    The Rules Clarification has ben updated today.

    The clarifications concern:

    • Landing Craft units
    • Heavy Bomber units

  • You are doing great👍🏼

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  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Coming Up in 2023:

    • A full color printed rulebook with the Revised Edition of Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion
      The Revised Edition is mostly based on questions and comments from players in the Axis & Allies community and includes several rules clarifications.
    • New color coded plastic playing pieces
      A combination of “Punch Out” card board roundels and color coded plastic units is available to make it easier for players to manage the game - and make the game look more realistic.
    • A YouTube Channel is created, with videos and pictures of “How to use the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion”.
      Also, various strategies will be promoted with explanations.
    • Global 1943 is included as an appendix in the new printed rulebook.

    This ambitious project is expected to be released no later than 21st April 2023.

    More informations and updates will be announced at this forum - stay with us.

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Correction concerning Army Group and Landmines:

    • An Army Group must be formed either during Non-Combat Movement or the Place New Units phase.
      The Army Group is then ready to defend in the same round and can attack in the next or on any future round.

    This correction now reflects the same game mechanisms that involve all other Armies - an makes game play easier.

    • Landmines can be produced by all Nations - except China.
      India is considered a Nation/Capital - so mines can also be produced in India.
      The game mechanisms concerning production of mines are not changed however.

    Those two corrections will be part of the Rules Clarification and the revised Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion rulebook.

  • @the-captain

    It’s going to be to hard for Japan when India has around 10-20 mines laying on Burma or elsewhere.

  • @cornelis-post yea forget the Tank. Drop 5 LMs a turn. If JPN gets ready to attack drop a 20 spot lol

    Will limit any offensive operations in SE Asia though and JPN might not mind a stalemate at Burma. They can focus on China/Russia. Which I like to do anyway unless India vulnerable.

    It’s a new twist and will be fun to try out :)

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Remember that in India, the United Kingdom player can spend a maximum of 20 IPC each round.

    So, for each 3 Mines, an Infantry unit can be produced instead.

    Statistically, you’ll need 3 Mines to score 1 hit.

    What we have seen so far is, that Mines produced on a massive scale does not benefit the defender.

    Mines are usually used to defend a line that the enemy would have to pass several times.
    In that way the possibility of scoring hits is increased significantly.

  • @the-captain yes Good point. I think there is a psychological aspect seeing all those LMs though lol. Especially if inexperienced.

    Will include an Option with next update. Looking forward to trying it out. I’ll probably stay with normal builds but might do one less INF a turn for 3 LMs just to have a few :)

  • @the-captain said in Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion:

    What we have seen so far is, that Mines produced on a massive scale does not benefit the defender.

    This is interesting. LMs can only Defend first rd of combat but 30 shots at a 2 as opposed to 10 could be pretty devastating to JPN.

    Depends on the dice obviously but it would give me pause on the attack

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21


    Yes - United States can declare War on it’s 3rd turn - Early 1941 - against Germany and Italy - but not Japan. This is the same as the OOB G40 rules.

    In this way, if Japan attacks - or declares War on - any US, UK or ANZAC units/territories, the United States will activate the US National Guard (6 Infantry units and 2 Fighter units.)

    In addition, United States would be able to declare War and attack Japan any time in any future round.

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