Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion

  • 2021


    Yes - good plan by the way.

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @The-Captain if USA units attack from Amur while Russia and Japan Non-Aggression Pact is still in force, does it have any consequences ?

    Does SRM transport 3 LMs like sea trprt or just 1 ?

    Landmines cannot use Air Transport – but they can
    be moved by Strategic Rail Movement on the same
    terms as other land based combat units

    A trprt can move 3 LMs and another unit and SRM can move the same unit, so ? It seems I may have asked this before but I can’t remember lol I thought it was only 1 but … 🙂


  • 2021


    There are no Soviet-Japanese consequences if US units attack Japanese units, from any Soviet tty.

    We did discuss this, when the Soviet-Japanese Non-Agression Pact rule was play testet.

    The Historical fact was, that USA were shipping Lend-Lease units to USSR in the northern part of the Pacific - even after the USA and Japan were at War with each other - while USSR and Japan were not at War.

    During game play, we’ve experienced a similar scenario.

    But by the time the US troops were ready to attack Japanese occupied Kwangtung from Amur, Japan declared War on the Soviet Union anayway.

    Japan paid the penalty IPC - and destroyed the US and Soviet units in Amur, while Japanese Paratrooper units also captured Siberia, Soviet Far East, Buryatia and Sakar - to cut off enemy units in case there would be any survivors (which was not the case).

    When Mines are transported by Strategic Rail Movement, each Mine counts as 1 unit.

    The same rule applies to Rockets that are moved by Rail.

    Your questions will be part of the Rules Clarification - thanks👍

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @the-captain LOL Bet the Americans that pulled Russia duty weren’t too happy 😁

  • 2021

    True - they were simply outmaneuvered & destroyed.

    The impact on Russia was catastrophic - most Soviet Infantry units in the Far East were already moved by Strategic Rail Movement to the Eastern Front.

    Japanese Tank units & Paratrooper units overran the eastern Soviet territories.

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @the-captain was wondering why SS Pnzr Grndr can’t use Air Transport but the other SS units, except for the Oberst, can ?

  • 2021


    You’re right,

    I’ve just looked through my notes - we have actually play tested the transport options for all Waffen-SS units.

    The transport options will be clarified/changed in the following way:

    "Waffen-SS units (all types) can be transported by Air Transport. Each Waffen-SS unit counts as a Tank unit towards the capacity of the Air Transport.

    Waffen-SS units cannot be transported by Landing Crafts or Transport units."

    This will be clarified in the revised Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion. 👍

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @the-captain right on. i guess it doesn’t really matter if it counts as a tank or not though, since they can only haul 1 unit at a time. No biggie either way.

  • 2021 '19 '18

    Do Trprts continue to fight if all other Naval vessels are sunk during an amphibious invasion ? Can the attacker ignore them at that point or once battle has been joined they have to slay them all ?

    My thought is battle would continue but … : )


  • 2021


    Concerning Transports, the rules are OOB.

    From Late 1941, the only difference is, that Transports defend at “1”.

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @the-captain right on. I guess it doesn’t really matter for triplea, as once battle is joined, you can’t stop it. I guess with oob you could ignore them since they defend at 0 but D1 idk ? How do you guys play it ?

    Just wanna be as rule compliant as possible.

  • 2021


    From Late 1941, for the most part the attacker would always sink all enemy Transports during an amphibious assault.

    Attacking units would be assigned to that task - in sufficient numbers - to take out all enemy Transports - and then the amphibious landings would commence after that naval battle.

    As the War progresses, it is vital to take out as many enemy Transports as possible - no matter the cost.

    Especially in the Pacific, where loaded Transports are often sent out on their own (without any Escorts ot any other protecting Warships) to capture an island.

    The vastness of the Pacific makes it almost impossible for an attacker, to protect all Transports.

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @the-captain Right on That’s how I been doing it. just wanted to make sure.

    Yea it’s pretty sweet when they can D1. Gives em a fighting chance anyway. I’ve been sending those naval Ftrs to take em out when I can’t get a fodder unit in the attack. Just in case they get a lucky hit.

    And 2-3 trpts and 1-2 escorts can make a decent little fleet. that’s what ANZAC been doing. JPN really has to send significant resources to make sure their landing takes place.

  • @the-captain So do enemy transports with D1 stop coastal bombardment from happening since a sea battle takes place?

    Or they are still ignored unless chosen to be attacked like normal?

  • 2021


    The rules concerning Transports are the same as OOB.

    From Late 1941, Transports defend at “1”.

    So, in your example, the Transports can be ignored - same rules as OOB.

  • 2021

    During this weekend’s Axis & Allies Global 1940 games, the Combat Engineer unit will be part of the optional rules.

    The Desert Army is also included.

    The Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion is used during all Global 1940 games this weekend.

    Fun & challenge is guaranteed👍

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @the-captain I thought i remembered seeing something where france doesn’t get it’s free guys when liberated if their Factory is damaged. I’ve gone through the rules again but can’t find it.

    Found it in the 43 Expansion. Doesn’t apply to the 40 Expansion.

  • 2021 '19 '18

    @The-Captain you guys ever consider giving ANZAC some Marines/Commandos ? Maybe 2 ? I guess they can always use a tank for an extra buck. Infantry would have same defense if it had time to fortify though.

    Anyway, just wondered if you ever tested it

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