L21 #1 trulpen (X) vs Myygames (A+45) OOB LL

  • @myygames said in L21 #1 trulpen (X) vs Myygames (A+45) OOB LL:

    1. I think my bid was not optimal. I like presence in the middle of the board. Nevertheless, I would go with more ground units next time. to be honest that was the highest bid I was ever playing with, and I did not put it very well here.

    I think the bid was quite good. You got plenty of worth for the unorthodox bomber, although 2 subs might be better. A sub in z98 is pretty standard and a tank in Cairo is good. I think a mech in Calcutta is unnecessary, since UK-Pac isn’t at war immediately. Sure, a JDOW1 is certainly on the table in OOB, but it’s not forced. The fig is good in Malta, although I usually see and do a fig in Scotland as first priority.

    I think a lot of fleet with UK-EU is sound. Especially subs, since they’re cheapest and also quite sneaky. For instance will a sub in z106 make an attack there more risky.

    By the same logic cheaper land units might be advisable. Like an inf in Sudan, mech in Calcutta and then perhaps 1 inf in Alexandria.

    The tr in z73 has great usage, like helping crushing the ethiopians immediately with less risk.

    1. I always try to leverage US between both parties, nevertheless this was not very well done here. A second AC in the Atlantic early would have brought much better results. Also, once you start bomber builds with US you should stick to that. I started too earyl and did not pull it through efficiently.

    Bomber-spams are very strong in OOB. Extremely versatile and strong unit.

    1. Overall I was loosing too many units in small balltes. I like blocking the italien can opener with russia to deny G the caucasus one turn, so I still think thats a valid move. But I was also loosing units like this too many times, eg US blockers in the pacific. these should have been ANZAC instead. Also, of corse, fighting a retreat battle with UK is very consuming. Not sure though how that could be avoided.

    Especially with LL I think those heavy blocks should be avoided. Either 1 inf only or nothing. As it was now G got quite a positive TUV-swing for free several times.

    Like in Rostov G6, it was a kill of 4 russian inf and only losing 1 inf. Of course there was a 2/3 risk of losing 2 inf, but 4 against 2 is still +6 TUV. Hence that was a no-brainer for me when I could calculate exactly 4 hits. With 5 hits russia could choose all inf and the aggressor would have to enter the territory, since the aa won’t block, which would be overly costly.

    With regular dice a heavy block makes more sense, since the attacker might risk getting diced in both directions, either losing more TUV or getting valuable units stuck and exposed.

    Thanks again! Maybe I will challenge you again some time, once I have learned a little more… I hope I have bolstered your ego as I promised 🙂

    No worries about my ego. I make enough mistakes myself everywhere to not being boosted so easily. 😉

    Feel free to challenge me when you feel the time is ripe.

  • Ah, yes, didn’t really comment on the US investments. That’s one of the trickiest aspects of the Allies. US really needs to contain J, but at the same time help UK exert pressure on G and I.

    That’s one of the strong points of investing in UK-fleet, since US will have to invest less in war-ships and can focus more on trannies and land-units to the east and more cream to the west.

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