• Hi all. Has anyone tried playing only one theater of the game similar to AAA pacific/Europe 1940? I’m trying to teach my dad the ropes and the full global experience is a bit daunting to him. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

  • @jon-b my suggestion would be to play through the prewar conflicts as each side a time or two. Abbisinia, Spanish Civil War, and the Chinese Civil War…throwing Japan in after a couple of turns. I believe these conflicts were placed in the game to help warm people up to the mechanics of the game and as a way for new players to get their feet wet so to speak.

  • @mark-the-shark that’s good advice. I envisioned modifying the game similar to axis and allies Europe 1940 since that’s what he’s most familiar with. I’ve found it difficult to balance income increase and such. Maybe just going for it is the way to go.

  • '18 '17 '16

    @jon-b One thing you can do to simplify the game greatly is play without the terrain rules. That will give him the chance to get to know the units and the political aspects of the game without having to learn the entire rule book at once. There are enough differences in the game vs A&A without the terrain complicating it too much. Once he learns blitzing, screening forces, convoy raiding, and other concepts then you can play again with the terrain.

  • @generalhandgrenade good call, I’ll try that. Thanks for the input

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