• I was just reading a post that said Germany can place 14 units a turn.  I didnt know there was a maxium to the amount of units you can place?!  Me and my group has always played that you can place an infinite amount of units in your capital (Germany EastUS Moscow etc.) And in any other factory only what the number says, for example Southern Europe you can place 6 and its worth 6IC. 
              In the post it said Germany could place 14 8Germany 6 SEurope im assuming.  So has my group been playying a very over powered way to place units?  Like I remember last night my dad built like 13Infantry 2Art and 1 Tank as Germany is this even possible to place?  What is the correct way to play if we are doing it wrong lol?

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    The most units you can place in any territory is whatever the value of that territory is worth.  for example, you can only place 10 units in Germany because it is worth ten.  You can put six units in SEU, etc etc.;  Understand?

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    that means u can only build 8 in japan or britain which is not good  :evil:

  • Yes, the restriction for unit placement can be a pain, but it does make the strategy and tactics more important.  You can’t just load up an area and attack (like Risk).

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    Creates a more diverse force so far in my experience. “Makes you” throw in a few higher priced pieces instead of only building INF.

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    but the limit is only for a conquering country, or did that change in AAR?

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    Any IC can only produce the a number of units equal to the value of the territory it is in. So you can only build 8 INF in Moscow a turn even with boatloads of Russian cash.

  • @Jennifer:

    but the limit is only for a conquering country, or did that change in AAR?

    Yes, the rule changed in Revised and the limit applies the same whether the IC is orginal, built, or conquered.

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    That’s great, generally speaking, but doesn’t that handicap Russia in defending the frontier?

    I’d be interested in seeing results of that rule in a classic game.  Would be interesting, especially when teamed with my other idea of everyone buying their units in order then taking their turns in order.

    I believe that would put a whole new twist on the game!

  • It does force some new tactics from Classic.

    Russia can’t just build massed INF in Caucuses (equating it to Karelia in Classic).  So they build some ART and ARM too 🙂
    Japan has to plan for new IC’s because they hit their build limit VERY quickly.
    UK has to keep higher end units in the pipeline (FIGs most often) in order to use their income.
    Germany can;t just drop a mass of INF to block an attack on Germany or Southern.  They have to plan ahead…
    Even the US occasionally runs afoul of the limit.  Not often, but can happen.

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    I really wish there was a “Dogs of War” or Axis and Allies CD for A&A Revised!

    I want to try some things out with it before I jump in player v player!!!

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    Well, triple-a has an AI but it’s not very good and that’s about the only option, I think.

    This may be of absolutely no use to you, but….

    I had a vast reservior of Classic knowledge, much like you judging from the number of your posts, when revised came out. So what I did to prep myself was to find a finished game here and print it out. I then played the game as they did. Before I looked at the coming move, I purchased units and made my own combat moves. Once I resolved the combats on a dice sim and finished the turn, I looked at what really happened in the game. I asked myself “what did I do differently?”, “why?”, “Did the player see something I didn’t or vice versa?”, “Whose move do I prefer most-mine or the players?”. Once I got to the point where consistently our moves were identical or I preferred my move over the players, I knew I was ready. I had learned everything I could from that and the next lesson had to be learned in plastic blood. The whole time I was doing this I was also formulating each countries opening moves.

    So now here I am, about 20 posts in and I’m already butting heads with people about German IC’s, attacking Hawaii, and Germany in Africa. Unfortunately, one of those guys is Trihero so I think I’m in for a first class *ss-whipping.

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    The biggest challenge my primary opponent faced when we moved to Revised was that everything wasn’t quite where he thought it was. I had to tell him many times for about the first three games, “that doesn’t reach.” He also seemed to have big problems with the fact that there is an “inside” and “outside” sea zone at Japan instead of only one. It threw his logistics off for awhile.

    Essentially though it isn’t that different, buy enough infantry and stick to your plan. I don’t have that many games of Classic under my belt but I find the revised game to be much more satisfying.

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    Well, triple-a has an AI but it’s not very good and that’s about the only option, I think.

    What is that, and where do we get it?

    I just need a map with pieces on it I can move around.  I taught myself A&A I can teach myself this.  (Hell, I have world at war and a few different maps for classic too, so it’s not like I don’t have any experience in new versions.)

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    This is the page where you can download it and get installation tips.


    This the warclub where you can game and post in the forum.


    I had to copy and modify the executable file and create a separate icon to play against the AI. they have a walkthrough for that. But I have an older version (the one they use in the warclub). They may have integrated it into the newer version. I don’t know. Trust me.The AI is not very competitive. I doubt you’ll learn much. And I’m not sure if they have integrated LHTR into it for the new version (mine doesn’t). So you’ll have to be careful because the little things can trip you up if you also game here. Like landing fighters on newly built carriers have to be landed in the territory the carrier is produced in unlike LHTR where it has to be in the IC’s SZ.

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    Kewl.  Keep an eye on this board, I might have some questions fer ya.

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    No problem. I don’t game there so I don’t have much to offer in that respect, but I am well versed in the program and the warclub ladder following is growing so it’s becoming more tempting to register.

    I did neglect to mention that triple-a WAS invaluable to me during my training period. The ability to save games in between battles allowed me to manufacture scenarios (1,2, and 3 attack R1 openings, good/bad battle results, G1 Egypt openings) that I was able to revisit regularly. And the one thing I do know about the new version is that now you can even save between combat rolls, which is helpful.

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    Oh yeah. One other thing that I though was kinda funny is that even my version incorporates the LHTR 1.3 changes. I tested it and German subs in a U.K. SZ CAN submerge when attacked by the U.S. bomber even if a newly built U.K. DD occupies the same SZ.

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    well, I got it up and running…but I wish I had a printout of the full map and a set of the rules. 😞

    I can figure it out without those things, but it sure would be easier!

  • OOB Rules:

    OOB FAQ:


    There are other maps out there, that’s just the quickest I found.  The Caspian Sub group has a very clear map on their site, but I think you have to join (for free) to access it: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Caspian_Sub/
    (Map is in Files-> Miscellaneous -> AArevisedMapV4.gif

    I think there is a sticky thread with the LHTR, since that is the common ruleset for tournament play.

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    Yeah, this revised section does have a sticky for the v1.3 LHTR.

    For the map you’re on your own. I just look at my gameboard or Abattlemap.

    The bigger question is: Did you get the AI to work or is it already incorporated into the new version?

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    yea, I got the AI to work.

    Thanks for the links guys

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