Advanced Convoys

  • I thought it would maybe a cool idea in pacific if the convoys where actually plastic pieces. I thought you could use the transports from the original A&A. If you sunk the convoys then the U.K. would have to replace the convoys to receive the IPC. They would cost say 6 IPC. Has anyone tried an Idea like this?

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    I am not a AA pacific person… but that game has convoy zones so when the boxes are cleared isnt it possible to attack the box and take off money from the owner?

  • I think convoy/income routes shouldn’t be static in the first place.

    Having actual units representing convoys is a lot to deal with though.

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    Actual units would encourage a lot more naval action. Germany would have a reason to attempt a complete naval blockade of the U.K., and the United Kingdoms would have to actively produce a navy instead of stacking their capitol. Looking at this list there were close to 200 convoy routes used during WW2, and the attack.defensive of these convoys was an important part of the war effort. I find it strange that such a large part of the war is only commented on in Germany’s NA - Submarine Interdiction.

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