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    The French navy prevents a lot of potential strategies as one of the best uses for it is to mirror the Italian fleet. In case Paris does not fall 1st turn it can sink the Italian Navy. In a way, and because of this, it prevents a multi-turn take down of Paris/France.

    Should the French navy be restricted in movement? Perhaps along the lines of the USA restrictions?


  • @sjelso That is only a problem if your Italian player is bad. They don’t have to go to war and get their fleet smashed. They are allowed to wait until they see an opportunity, and the Allies cannot attack them until they attack. (That is, unless Italy invades some neutral early on and wastes their neutrality.)

    Also, the Germans want to try in general to take out France fast. If the UK and France have a turn, they can either reinforce Paris till it is impossible to take, or evacuate a bunch of Frenchmen to make life a pain for Vichy. Either way, not great.

    Overall, I think the French navy is an interesting item that is very well done. Its goal is to maximise it effectiveness, either by being defensive, being in a place to strike if possible, or other such thing. I think if it is becoming a problem for your group, you need to look at the way you play the Axis, and adapt your tactics. In general, this holds true for most things. If you find a problem, try changing your strategies before you change the game.

  • Note that Free France may only declare war on Italy if it has declared war on another nation during the game (Free France NRS v3.2).

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