Spanish Civil War - 2 players - Issues

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    Here is another issue when playing with 2 players.

    1. If Germany wins the SCW there is very little deterrence to America just landing in Spain (unlike in G40 which turn all the neutrals pro-Axis). Spain is probably weak and an easy win. This leaves America likely in defensible mountains. Perhaps with a factory and access to France, Med, etc. Germany might get or two IPP and a minor factory a turn…big deal. The US gets an airbase, shipyard, etc.

    2. If Soviets/Republicans win they can just open up a space for the Americans to invade. So what, and even good. Spain will align to the Soviets. Soviets still get their VP for winning.

    I suppose the Germans can put a force in Aquitaine to buffer, attack, etc. but more units to sit around doing nothing.

    Seems like there should be a larger deterrence/consequences to invading Spain.

    Why would the Germans even want to win the SCW? Better to save the $ and just invade it, take the IPP, factory, open the way to Gibraltar and defend it.

    Suggestions? Anyone encountered this issue?

  • The possibility to win a free Blue Division/International Brigade infantry unit each turn after a win can also represent a 30+ IPP boost over the course of the game for either Germany or the USSR, which is a good return on the investment.

    Even in a two player game, Germany should invest in the SCW because the lend-lease represents a much smaller fraction of its income than the USSR’s and so these ressources are not spent on the defense of the USSR as long as the Civil War drags on.

    I don’t see how any side can afford not try and win the SCW and just give Spain to the other side.

  • @sjelso said in Spanish Civil War - 2 players - Issues:

    If Soviets/Republicans win they can just open up a space for the Americans to invade

    How would they do this? A Republican Spain does not align to the USSR by default.

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    @insanehoshi If anyone attacks a Republican Spain (page 57), it aligns with the Soviets. Then the Soviets could allow the US to have Leon Castille for example after the USA attacks Spain.

  • @sjelso They could, but remember, the USSR gets two VPs for republican zones worth IPP, if the are Comintern at the end of the game. Giving those to the US negates those points.
    For the Germans, they and the Italians each get a VP for wining to war in Spain. Those points can never be lost, either. It is far better to bag those 2 points, and maybe align Spain, then let the Commies take it.

  • @sjelso If you let the Allied/Commintern Player attack themselves, that’s kind of broken is a two player game and should be forbidden.

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    @insanehoshi That is my point, broken 2-player game.

  • @sjelso Then just rule that anything that is declared on by the allies/comintern goes axis. EZ PZ

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    @insanehoshi There are so many “then just” it is frustrating.

  • Banned

    GW is a 3 player game. Naturally everything is broken if you make it a two player game without severe adjustments.

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