Autumn 2021 Battle of Britain on 10 October - See Battle Report

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    Our first post Covid BoB will be on the 10th October. 🤞 As usual our venue is in Derbyshire, UK.

    Thus far we have 11 players, with space for another 2 at the venue. Those places will be allocated to those that come forward first. Since we have 4 listed players that have not yet responded it is possible that someone may be disappointed.

    Typically we would run three games - one each of 1942, Anniversary and 1914 - for the day.

    If anyone else wishes to join us then please either reply to this thread or drop me a PM.

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    @private-panic Date of the following Winter BoB will be Sunday 23rd January.

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    For various understandable reasons some attendees cancelled and we ended up with 6 players. So we played 2 games:

    1. 1914

    Played with 2 house rules: max 4 builds in India; land units move 2 if every territory is friendly. Powers were allocated at random:

    CPs - Ste
    Entente - Andrew (h0lym0nk) as GB, Italy & USA; Adam (Private-Panic) as F & R.

    Which may have been a bit unfair as Ste had not played 1914 before!

    R was able to consolidate it’s units and overpower a number of G & A-H attacks, eventually advancing into Galicia. G’s advances into France were successfully beaten back by F with GB’s help. And A-H were pushed out of Italy as it’s forces were diverted to the R front and to help G against F.

    However, T had some success against GB, resisting GB attacks on Mesopotamia and advancing into Egypt. Also G went on the rampage in Africa, killing off most of the GB & F units sent to knock them out. G’s dreams of an African empire were short-lived, with the USA eventually arriving and creating their own instead.

    G & GB navies cowered in their North Sea ports, neither able to find the courage to attack.

    With R in Galicia, Italy advancing from the West and the arrival of the USA in Albania, Vienna was increasingly under siege. GB also eventually managed to push T out of Mesopotamia (with R help) and Egypt (supported by some Italian Infantry landings). Virtually all G’s forces were in the West facing F & GB incursions, but giving R space to expand.

    The CP surrender was graciously accepted by the Entente!😊

    2. Anniversary

    Allies - Rob (Dran Black)
    Axis - Dave played G; Simon as J; jointly played Italy

    I was not in this game, but here is what I think I know!

    J took India, but lost a naval battle with the USA in the Pacific. Furious J naval builds recovered some level of maritime parity, but at the cost of limited ground units being dispatched to Asia.

    G struggled against R in the early stages, but by the end of the game had attained unit superiority on the eastern front. This was partly because some R units had headed south to recapture India.

    The Allies managed to sink the Italian fleet, but at some cost. Consequently they only managed to take F once and promptly lost it to an Italian counter attack. In doing so they put their remaining Atlantic fleet in jeopardy.

    G made significant incursions in Africa, but looked certain to lose them again, due to a GB factory in S Africa sending units north.

    At the end neither side had sufficient advantage to claim victory. But it was agreed that the Axis were in a stronger position, with quite a lot more income, the possibility of making headway against R and the impending sinking of the Allied Atlantic fleet.

    I invite my fellow players to post their own views on these games. Especially to correct my mistakes or fill in any gaps.

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