• What do people think a fair bid would be under the following conditions:

    1941 2nd ed start
    No tech
    No objectives
    Interceptors active
    time limited, so 6-8 rounds
    VC/IPC determines winner

  • @squirecam

    I mean…do you really need bids? The game is pretty balanced in it of itself to what a playable nation lacks it makes up for in another aspect.

  • @thedesertfox I don’t think you’ll get people to agree on a bid, which is why you should have an auction if you’re running a tournament – let one player say "I’ll take the Allies for 10 ipcs (or whatever), and then the other player can either say “Ok, take them” or bid lower and say “I’ll take the Allies for 9 ipcs.” This continues until someone says ok.

    There are just so few games in a typical a&a tournament that you can’t afford to have anyone feeling like they lost a coin toss. E.g. if you have 3 rounds and someone plays allies twice and they don’t agree with your fixed bid, that’s a real feel-bad moment.

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