• In Pacific 1940 if Japan owns kwangtung at the start of its turn, can it buy a major complex on it?

    Same game. If Japan wants to buy a major complex on Kiangsu, can it because Japan starts out owning it?

    Same game. If not at war, can Japan move boats into a sea zone containing a UK battleship without provoking war?

    Same game. If not at war, can Japan move boats into sea zone 43 ( Borneo territory) with no UK boats without provoking war?

    Thanks in advance

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    @nubnumber1 in Global you can only build major ICs in originally owned territories. Pretty sure P 40 is the same. So Korea only place Japan can build a major.

    If you’re not at war you can’t be blocked by other player’s ships. There are some movement restrictions for both USA and JPN naval wise before at war. Basically just can’t set off their coasts, but yea you can do what you asked.

  • @barnee Thanks for the response. Page 8 in the rule book answers all 4 of my questions under territories for major complex placement and under sea zones which define hostile sea zones. BTW p8 also defines special restrictions concerning Japanese movement when not at war.

    I do have one more question on minor factories though. Can they be placed on captured territories of 2 or higher, assuming you have owned for a turn?

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  • @barnee cool thanks

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