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    could someone post what they feel the best strategy for japan is?

  • Ur just being lazy XD.
    I made a post and wrote what I think would be a good opening strat, and got comments on it.
    You wanted it handed to you. O well

  • In two words…  Take Moscow.

    Basically, the best strat for Japan is to ignore the US (beyond Pearl on J1), and pour everything into Asia.  You WILL need one or more new IC’s due to Japan’s build limits fairly early in the game.

    As for which line(s) of attack, there is another thread here on that topic that goes over the pros and cons of each.

  • Planes too right? to defend against American Ships?

  • What Maerican ships?  You kill the fleet at Pearl, leaving only a BB and TRN (and that Panama DST) in the Pacific.  Japan has that fleet outclassed 2-1.  The remnants of the UK navy are easilly mopped up with remaining naval forces.  So there ARE not US ships to defend against.

    If however you are playing an opponent who is building navy in the Pacific for the US… build a few subs, consolidate your fleet in SZ60, land a few of your existing FIGs on it IF AND WHEN the US gets within range (you will see that move coming in plenty of time to shift your FIGs from the Contient back to your AC(s).

    And count yourself lucky… Germany will be kicking butt all over Europe with the US invested in the Pacific.  A little push by Japan in Asia to keep Russia thinking in 2 directions and it is an easy Axis win.

  • Best Japanese Strategy:
    T1: buy 3 trans
    T2: dedicated 2 of them to take hawaii, you threaten LA doing so
    T3: split them up to take both aus and nwz

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    In two words… Take Moscow.

    Took the words right off my keyboard.  🙂

  • SuperClifford, I don’t see your thread anywhere.

    Build so you have five to six transports total ASAP.  You use one to two of them to empty the islands.  The rest move units from Japan.  My usual is to use four transports to move eight units to French Indochina, to put pressure on India, on the next turn, the transports move to Japan to unload from Japan to Burytia.  If I have a Japan bid of at least 1, I build an industrial complex in French Indochina, and two transports (but you DO need 31 IPC for this).

    You should probably only use ONE transport to attack Australia, Hawaii, and New Zealand.  With battleship support shots and a couple of fighters, one transport is plenty, considering you pull infantry from the local islands so you have a “supply depot” of infantry.

    The rest of the transports MUST concentrate on Asia.  If you don’t have three transports in the region of Japan, the UK can counterattack with Indian infantry and fighters / bomber from the UK; the USSR can attack with infantry, tanks, and fighters.  If you don’t constantly run infantry and tanks into Asia, you will be overpowered.  Also, EVERY infantry that you can move into Asia in the early game is another infantry that will be used to hit Moscow.

    Japanese fighters have a special role.  You should try to be in position to reinforce a German held territory.  Imagine that Germany hits Ukraine, and has eight infantry and five tanks.  Now say USSR can counter with ten infantry, two artillery, four tanks, and two fighters.  Germany will get seriously damaged.  BUT, if you fly five Jap fighters in, the Ukraine attack is completely different.

    Late game, you need even more transports.  You want more transports to move infantry from Japan to French Indochina, then from French Indochina to Persia in one turn.  You will also want to help out with Africa, which was probably reclaimed by that point by the Allies (but left empty).  PLUS, when it’s really late in the game, you move from the sea zone east of Japan to beat the crap out of W. Canada.  That forces the US to spend a turn to build up in W. Europe instead of diverting

  • 2007 AAR League


    SuperClifford, I don’t see your thread anywhere.


  • You can also check out this thread for some pros and cons regarding each potential avenue of attack for Japan…


  • 2007 AAR League

    indeed i have read this … very very in depth

  • @ajgundam5:

    indeed i have read this … very very in depth

    I was inspired that night 🙂

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