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    Does anyone purchase or see much purchasing of Militia? Trying to scale how many I need to paint. Just paint what goes on the board at set-up or more for additional purchasing.

  • '20 '16

    @sjelso We purchase LOTS of militia, but the initial setup has so many militia, spread out, that those seem to get consolidated/eliminated/upgraded faster than the new buys. Leaving us with more spare militia tokens than we have after setup.

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    @captainnapalm Why not just purchase regular infantry outright and bypass the upgrade process?

  • '20 '16

    @sjelso Infantry require a factory to place and militia are cheap cannon fodder, are two of the many reasons.

  • '20 '16

    @sjelso As for upgrading, for $2 you may be able to upgrade an out of position, useless militia, into a useable infantry, and save $1.

  • '17 Customizer

    @captainnapalm Okay, so bypasses the factory requirement to build regular infantry. One could also just build 1 Colonial if in build chart for same as Militia + Upgrade

  • '18 '17 '16

    @sjelso Yes and no. Colonial Infantry can only be built on an originally controlled territory. Militia can be built on any territory you own. Also note that Militia upgrade requires you to be in an unbroken supply path to a factory in your Home Country. Both are limited (Colonial and upgrade) so it’s good to use both if you need to.

  • @sjelso A great example of militia use is the Current YouTube game of Operation Winter Solace. They are useful as a quick reinforcement in a threatened zone.

  • Also ensure that you have a lot of militia available for the USSR. They have an once a game ability that lets them build militia for 1 IPP, which can let you drop a veritable butt-tonne of them in one turn.

    I use yellow learning/counting chips i got from amazon to make my militia affordable too.

  • In my opinion, the absolute best use of militia is by Japan if they invade China. They are cheap and can be built quickly in those valuable coastal territories, and since China does not attack effectively since they have only infantry or cavalry, the militia are a decent and cheap defense.

    I am not as high on militia elsewhere, since they do not project threat, but they do have their uses for sure.

  • For isolated territories or islands, Militia are often the only option.

    They are also an option for controlled minor powers and the CCP who have recruitement rolls, as they can choose 1 Infantry or 2 Militia. Depending on the situation, the Infantry is not always the obvious choice.

    They are best when paired with other units, as they can soak up the hits while your other units can hope to survive and have better defense rolls. It also helps if they are in a city.

    You will sometimes get lucky and take our one or two attacking units with militia, but even in great numbers, they can be easily wiped out by a dedicated attacker.

    In small numbers, they mostly serve as a deterrent to the free capture of the territory or half-hearted amphibious landings. Litteraly “better than nothing”.

    Still, once in a while, it is very satisfying to take out a SNLF and foil an amphibious assault with a single militia.

    Note that there are A LOT of rules and exceptions for building and moving militia. They are very easy to overlook.

  • '17 Customizer

    @noneshallpass All excellent points and provide a new perspective on what has been an overlooked unit in our games. Thanks!

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