MAP - Can all types of aircraft fly MAP?

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    Can all types of aircraft fly MAP, even strategic bombers? If yes, then Strategic Bombers could spot but not attack.

  • @sjelso I would assume so, on page 35 in section 8.7 it says “Maritime air patrol is a form of combat movement for aircraft.”
    Thus I would assume all aircraft can go on MAP. It is realistic, as strategic bombers like the B-17 did patrol sea areas, such as the Solomons.

  • There are multiple examples given in the rulebook which mention fighers, tactical bombers, medium bombers and seaplanes on Maritime Air Patrol (MAP).

    While it does not explicitely state that Strategic bombers cannot MAP, rule 12.2 (Unit types) does mention that they do not have a standard Attack value and that “they can perform carpet bombing on Enemy land units from high altitude for one round only”.

    So this would disqualify Strategic bombers as suitable aircraft for MAP as it is performed against enemy naval units (Rule 8.7). Same goes for Air Transports who have no attack value.

    I’m not sure what @sjelso meant when he wrote that they could “spot but not attack”, as spotting is not a concept used in this game.

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    @noneshallpass You are correct. A Strategic Bomber has no ability to attack a ship in any way, shape, or form in the game so it is obviously impossible to use them on MAP. MAP is a combat move and you can’t make a combat move if you have no ability to conduct combat.

    Thanks for asking the question. We have added it to the FAQ.

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