US Industrial Complex in Norway sz 113 deployment

  • We are involved in a great battle in the Global 1940 game. I am Allies and I have just placed an IC in Norway for the US. In response my learned opponent has placed 2 BTTL, 1 CRU, 1 DEST and 3 Trans in sz 112 for Ger. I have the units to attack with US and then UK but it will be close. My question is this: I will be placing at least 2 US BTTL for my 1st deployment. Can I place one in sz 113 so he can’t pass through the straights with the trans to attack Norway??

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    @genken Passing through the Danish Straits is bound to controlling Denmark.
    So as long as Denmark is underGerman control, Germany may pass through the Danish Straits.

    Of course US may place sea units into SZ 113 to block movement. But of course Norway can be amphibiously assaulted from SZ113, too, provided your blockers are removed in a preceding sea battle.

    Your scenario is not clear enough to describe what might happen after US unit placement. So please add that information in case the rules as outlayed are not clear enough for you.

  • @panther Thank you very much Panther. This answered my question. Now I’ll have to roll the bones and see what happens…

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