Sale on miniatures for metal Axis and Allies (in correct scale)

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    I just bought like $700.00 worth of miniatures from this place. Thay have a special only till the 25th of free shipping  on any order anywhere in the world ( they are in UK). You get like 5 german tanks in axis and allies scale for $3.20 USD. They also have planes including V-1 buzz bombs ( 2 per pack) and ships in 1/2400 scale ( perfect for axis and allies)

    I also bought more infantry (look under) command decision 15MM. you get like 50 infantry metal for $8.00… all this stuff is what i personally use and i can say its the best for axis and allies.  Trust Imperious on this deal… it kicks arse!

    see more at

    you cant best this deal anyplace …ever…

  • Thanks! Made some use of it  🙂

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    good for you and don’t forget to get those v-1 buzz bombs (p499) i got 12 packs (24 pieces) so i can bomb both fronts with impunity.

  • I received my shipment this. Those V1 are great!  (thx would not have found them otherwise!)  I also bought those Katusha rockets. These Skytrex tanks look far better for our kind of gaming then GHQ or CinC. I had recently also purchased the CinC A&A set… and while i do like the detail… their guns are far to small… GHQ are best detailed (from what i have seen, have only a few) But these Skytrex are much stronger and have bigger guns.  I also purchased some ships on the 1/3000 line… Well the Yamato and the Essex carrier seem a little to big… But on my big board it’s no problem. The Cruisers are great, while the Subs are way to small  😛

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    Alas thats why you use Imperious Leader free revised axis and allies map project! email me and ill send you the file. The miniatures are bitchin with some paint…you’ll see soon enough… Now you have something that will be with you for a lifetime of fun. Something that is permenant and sturdy is allways the best road and now you have that.

    Ill post some pics soon for others to see.

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