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    Hi! Me & my group of friends are from Singapore. We call ourselves the Zoboz (local term)

    For context we have all served the local army holding different roles (From major & sergeant ranks, experience in military war gaming, war simulation to medic field)

    We’ve played from:
    -Axis & allies 1941/ 1942
    -Axis & allies Europe & Pacific, Global 40
    -War room
    -Bloodbath rules

    After playing both A&A & WR, we share some of the pros & cons.

    The biggest pros in A&A is that it is Tactical.
    Players can feel the ground troops movements versus WR’s high strategic level. and from these tactical moves bear results.
    Variety of troops - Versus WR, it has more variety.
    Sequence, Germany starts first, follow by Russia, and on.
    It sticks to a 10 year series format which veteran players can only follow that few moves within the calculations that you can find in all youtube A&A’s format.
    Of cos this is to follow the actual war history, but reduces gameplay surprises.

    War room
    Bidding through resources - Through bidding, different nations gets to start different, this sets a surprise element, plus both teams gets to discuss and plan their $ well before jumping into the fight.
    Movement chart - With movement charts, it adds onto the complexion of who starts first, if you can anticipate, sabotage, pin, or evade attacks, It’s psychology warfare.
    Stress - We love how stress was incorporated into the WR. sadly we didn’t have a chance to add this one in our house rules.

    WR’s Strategic level - I applauded to WR’s redesign from the use of pawn shapes, color, even change of dice.
    However we also understand because of the complexity of WR, the game was elevated from tactical to strategic level. This results in losing the “on the ground” feel.
    Dice throw - We just love the feel of holding 18-20 dices and throwing them, while shouting “4 & below” or “All 2!” (maybe it’s the adrenaline rush) but in WR we can’t do that because 1)only 10 dice limited per throw 2) it’s color dice, feels weird versus shouting on numbers vs color.

    House Rules
    We have adopted a 70% A&A, 20% WR, & 10% our own, borrowing from both game’s best mechanics, plus our flavour.

    Zoboz House Rules
    Stage sequence
    1)Bidding, write movement chart sequence
    2)Reveal Bid & movement sequence
    3)Conduct combat
    4)Move troops
    5)Buy troops, deploy
    6)Calculate objective points

    1)Bidding & movement chart sequence
    Each team will be given 20-30mins (timer) to be in different rooms to discuss (one group in boardgame room, another group in another room.)after 20-30 mins is up, both teams to swap rooms. During discussion they can finalize:
    1)How much they want to bid (Instead of WR’s resources, we use A&A’s money(IPC) system, but there will be a next stage where we can announce bidding. Of cos if you bid more now, the less $ you have to buy troops during the buy stage)
    2)How their troops wants to move
    In this stage, you can discuss how to anticipate enemy troop movement, sabotage, or underbid/outbid enemy. At this stage, players in boardgame room will start to write their troop movements (e.g from Baltic state > W Germany) and also the amount of troops to move.
    Each nation has a limit of only 16 moves (smaller nations will have only 9 moves) (refer to photo chart below)

    2)Reveal Bid & movement sequence
    After both teams have spent 20-30 mins in the boardgames room, they can all gather back to reveal their :
    1)Bidding - how much each nation has bidded
    Upon reveal, highest amount bidder starts first, and follow by the second highest bidder, and on.
    if there is a tie, a flip on coin will determine the sequence.
    For the remaining nations who bids $0, prepare a small opaque bag and throw their nation chip into the bag. Upon draw, each nation will fill up the remaining sequence.
    Now that bidding has been completed, comes next, the movement chart sequence.
    Starting from the highest bidder, he will pass his movement chart to the opponent team to read out his moves.
    He can choose to cancel any moves at this stage, but he is unable to to change the movement (e.g if it’s written from Baltic state>W Germany, he cannot change to Baltic state>Poland)
    For any moves which cannot be achieved (because of pinning, or incorrect moves, e.g troops moves only 1 step but wrote to move 2 steps, it will be cancelled)
    Once all of his moves is completed, move on to the next second highest bidder’s moves, and until all nations is completed.
    *for plane movement do use the plane movement tag, so that you can plan form where to fly, and where to land)

    3)Conduct combat
    Same as A&A rules

    4)Move troops
    Same as A&A rules

    5)Buy troops, deploy
    Same as A&A rules

    6)Calculate objective points
    Same as A&A rules, using BBR for now

    Same as A&A rules

    What we use from A&A
    European & Pacfic A&A board & it’s troops. But now we’ve move into the Bloodbath map(kudos to BBR!)

    What we use from WR
    The concept of bidding, and movement chart
    Plane tags
    Movement chart - We took inspiration from the WR movement chart and redesign our own. (refer to photo below)

    Like all players here, we love a good old school dice roll with some tactical map movements, happy to share our house rules, feel free to ask if any questions.

    0fe8a8e3-88ca-4a3f-984b-7949bb766fb3.jpg be61e57d-a867-49b3-afa9-6285a7bccfa8.jpg

  • An example here is how we fill this one up.
    I was formerly playing as Germany, so below is my movements.
    For sea zone, we use the same number (Eg from sea zone 93>99)
    If transport, we will write 93 > S france(pick up 2 troops) >96 (disembark on Tobruk)
    For land, we will just write the name of land (from a to b)
    Next we will be marking the troops to move.
    If it’s all units in the land to move, we just write “all”
    Adding the concept of bidding, you’d get lots of fun when you either evade an attack, or managed to “pin” your enemies.
    Hope this helps.

    @zhirong-fu 145447164_10222966829931692_1275817621394509162_n.jpg

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