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  • Hey I’m 17 and just started playing the game with my friends, and we had an argument, because we couldn’t agree on whether you could just attack the sea zone.  Also if you can, if AA guns could get there free shot at the airplanes attacking the ships in the zone.  Thanks for any help you can give to the problem

  • When I say sea zone, I mean a sea zone touching a land territory

  • Yes, you CAN just attack the sea zone without doing an amphibious assault of the adjoining territory.

    EVERY territory is 100% separate and distinct in the game.

    That means that the AA gun cannot fire at any aircraft in a naval combat next door.  AA works ONLY for enemy AF flying over teh land territory containing the AF (remember that AA on a transport are “cargo” and cannot fire)

  • 2007 AAR League

    This brings up the LHTR. Can you post these up on a new thread? A sticky one.

  • Done 🙂

    There is also a link to it on the main A& web page under links 🙂

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