• Hey everyone! This Covid-19 social distancing thing is killing me! I am having two dear friends come over this weekend for an in-person game of Axis & Allies Revised (2004).
    We want to use the OOB ruleset, and find a way to have a shorter game, but the “minor victory” rules where you only need to hold 8 victory cities for a full round of play seems a little too short. The “major victory” rules where you need 10 victory cities seems a little too long (and typically boils down to moscow falls or berlin falls).
    What does everyone think about playing a match for 9 victory cities. I know that is in the LHTR, but I wanted to play the OOB rules with this one tweak.
    My question is really: If we play a house rule of "must hold 9 victory cities for one full turn (Russia-USA), will the game still play out in less than 5 hours?

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