• Hi everybody.

    (My first post on the forum after sneaking around and reading this forum for weeks).

    If I conquer a territory with a AA gun can I move it during the NCM?

    Normally you can´t NCM any units out from a territory that you attacked and conquerd on your turn. In this case I did not move the AA gun since it was already there.

  • 2007 AAR League

    you are correct you can not move that AA until next turn.

  • Moderator

    Hey Starkiller welcome to the boards… What mojo says is indeed true.  🙂


  • Thanks.

    That´s what I thought but we just wanted to be 100% sure to avoid any “discussions” in game.

  • If you get any argument, just remind them that you cannot NCM land units that participated in a battle that turn, and that AA unit, whether it fired or not, was an enemy unit that participated in the battle. 🙂

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