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    Hello Axis and Allies community, I’ve started an etsy page to begin selling painted pieces as I work through the various countries for myself. I figured after pouring this much time into figuring out techniques of how to paint these things that others might enjoy the same style of work. I’ll use this forum to post pictures and guides for anyone interested. There’s always more to learn and I enjoy looking through the customization’s to see everyone else’s approach and tricked out game. It’s what got me motivated into miniature painting in the first place.

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    @lthaut Hello! Thanks for posting this, the pieces look great.

    Unfortunately, I had to edit your post to remove the link. The reason is that we have sponsors that pay for the ability to advertise their stores. Although it would be great to include your store, it’s not fair to the sponsors.

    If you’re interested in a sponsorship, please send me a DM and we can work out the details.

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