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    I’ve noticed a trend in many games where the fighter in Scotland is usually the first thing to be added with the bid.

    Do you see this in your games?

    Are there other units that you also see added as part of the bid quite frequently? What are they?


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    In league play here I’d say the most common bid elements (other than fighter Scotland) are:

    ANZAC infantry New Guinea
    UK submarine SZ91, SZ98, SZ106, SZ110, and/or SZ111
    UK infantry or artillery Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

    To a lesser extent:
    Chinese artillery Szechwan and/or Kweichow
    UK infantry in Alexandria and/or Egypt
    Soviet artillery Amur and adjacent territories

    (For Balanced Mod players: add UK marine India to the list)

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    Just so are all aware, the ANZAC infantry in New Guinea is not a legal bid.


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    I don’t think you can go wrong with a Russian battleship in the black sea.

    I’ve seen a couple of times not mentioned above:
    South African Transport 71
    ANZAC complex in Queensland
    Anzac sub in 54/62
    Anzac transport in 54
    Malta Fighter
    Soviet Mech/Tank in Volgograd for a Yunnan Stack

    Something I am interested in is the effectiveness of putting 2 submarines (one French and one British) in 110. Seems like its a fun way to deter/make difficult both the 110 and 111 hits, or at least draw out the German battle ship. If the subs have to dive, they can just be used to convoy raid the Italians and Normandy right off the bat.

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    I’m all down with the BB : )

    Interesting with the subs. France be all into it : )

  • It does depend a lot what you allow with your bid though.

    2 subs in SZ110 isnt allowed by most.
    1 anzac int in guinea isnt always allowed.

    Stuff in the med and afrika is normaly usefull to shut down any expansions there fast.

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    @marshmallowofwar said in Common bid elements?:

    Just so are all aware, the ANZAC infantry in New Guinea is not a legal bid.


    In face-to-face games at home or play by forum games on this website, bid parameters are whatever players agree. Although I do acknowledge that it lies outside the suggested defaults for our league here.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if other venues have fixed bid rules, but you may want to specify.

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