Do you continue tabletop games over multiple days?

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    Just out of curiosity for everyone, do any of your groups start tabletop games and then complete them at a subsequent session? We have tried this a few times, but it always seems like one side or the other has an apparently insurmountable advantage and one side usually concedes. The few times we have tried to schedule a multi-day game the second day has never happened.

    We do have some games start in person and continue online, but that is a different beast of course.


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    @marshmallow-of-war I used to play every saturday, did so for 4 years, 2-4 hours at a time. Games lasted 2-6 months. It worked out well, and had a good time!

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    Yes we do now. Mostly one on one for 2 turns a week.
    As far as 2 days in a row that is mostly based on our group playing 2 games instead of one based on if there’s a few guys coming from a distance. Makes it worth it for them to get in 2 games based on traveling distances.

  • Absolutely. I’ve been able to play twice a week for 3 hours each time doing this. One of our weekly players had a shift change and couldn’t make the weekend game. Setup is quick too, not as many units

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