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    in my experience japan has never been able to take moscow i don’t understand how japan can capture moscow without being massacred in the pacific since america usually puts most of its economy in the pacific (assuming it builds a big fleet)

  • Well, I have seen it happen quite a few times. For instance it happend just yesterday! If Japan builds a IC on the mainland and/or uses his transports well Japan can get a good momentum in Asia. If then Germany put pressure on Russia, Russia cant send too many troops east and the road trough China in “open”. If US builds a big fleet Japan can avoid it by staying close to Japan and build a good defense with hangar and fighters which makes it almost impossible for US to attack. It is actually good for Axis if US builds alot in the Pacific because that means that Germany wont have to worry about D-day for a couple of turns. To stop the Japanese from going into China the US can build an IC there, but that is dangerous and it needs some protection by the Russians in the first couple of rounds. Also UK can build in India to make it even harder for Japan. But that on the other hand forces UK to put 12 to 15 IPC in India each turn, IPC that he could use to attack Western Europe. And if Germany has taken control over Africa UK wont have more then around 25 IPC to spend. If then Germany builds transports and a nice fleet he will force UK to build a defense in London and “give up” India… This is what I like about AAR, every country has more or less two fronts which makes it so much more complex. Hope you can have some use of my answer.

  • @ajgundam5:

    i don’t understand how japan can capture moscow without being massacred in the pacific since america usually puts most of its economy in the pacific (assuming it builds a big fleet)

    In most of the discussions about Japan taking Moscow, the premise is a KGF game (Kill Germany First).  In a KGF game, the US is not spending most of its income in the Pacific, it is setting up a transport system in the Atlantic and and ferrying as many troops as possible to Europe and/or Africa.

    If you’ve been seeing the US spending lots of money in the Pacific then you are not seeing a KGF strategy from the Allies.  In this case Japan probably will not be taking Moscow, though it can still get a good presence in Asia before the US can build up a big enough fleet to force Japan into totally defensive mode.  But with all those US $$$ going into the Pacific, Germany should be running rampant in Europe and Africa and will be the one trying to take Moscow.

  • Well, supposing Japan takes either China, or India, or both, there’s really nothing standing between it and Moscow. If Japan throws an extra IC onto the mainland, it can send in six tanks every turn. Even if the U.S. goes after Japan, it takes a good 3 or 4 turns to get close enough to do any damage, which is more than enough time.

    Japn is at least as big a problem for Russia as Germany.

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    I have personlly never seen Japan in Moscow. I have seen them on the Eastern Gate, in the Caucaus, pulling down ridiculous IPCs. Most of those games involved the US putting lots of boats in the Pacific. Germany is taking Western Russia cash, Japan taking the Eastern, Russia trying desperately to hold on. I have become a fan of KGF. You need to much navy for the US to go after Japan first. I think that you have to funnel troops to Europe to ease German pressure on Russia and allow Russia to build defense or counter attack in the east.

  • The coolest game I’ve ever been a part of, was a one on one, my friend as Axis and me as Allies. The Japanese captured Moscow, but in that same turn, America captured Berlin. The game went on for a good 6 or 7 more rounds, in which Britain and the US battled an INCREDIBLY powerful Japan in Europe. Eventually, it was clear Japan was going to win, but I pulled a sneaky maneuver in the Pacific, taking Kwangtung and the Philipines simultaneously, with Japan physically unable to take back those territories in that turn, I won the game.

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