• So I for one have been watching the GW85 facebook page and noticed that task forces seem to come around alot. There always seems to be some mention of task forces or their importance or disrupting and forming them, etc… So to anyone who knows, how to these work? Does it represent flagship capabilities? Is it a glorified army marker? What does it do? I heard something about a use in ASW. I understand if the designers wish to not reveal this information, but some of us out here would like to know a little.

  • @trig hey there I am the designer of GW 85. Happy to see a forum here and happy to answer questions and interact as I can.

    Task Forces exist in the game because in the 80s the navies organized their naval groups into task forces to do certain things, mainly to protect sealift through enhanced capability to detect surface, air and subsurface threats to the sealift lanes. Capital ships - mainly carriers - were a key cog in this wheel and never moved outside of a task force. So the game recreates that through the task force concept. When a task force conducts combat it can do certain things that a bunch of frigates, subs and destroyers moving alone cannot do.

    I wish I could say more but as everything is still being tested, I think it would be best if I didn’t.

    Hope this helps!

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