A&A P1940 2E: Tendancy towards stalemate?

  • Hey All,
    I played a few games of A&A Pacific 1940 2nd Edition with my son.
    There was one game where I had a fleet, transports, and a Naval base in Alaska and I won on Turn 6 because my son left the Japan Homeland relatively undefended although it was a very close battle and I wont it relying on a bit of luck.
    Ever other game we played, we have fought to a grinding stalemate. I wonder if it is our respective playstyles or if this game is just normally a long grind?
    I told my son that if Japan doesn’t quickly make a big push to eliminate one of the allies (besides china), its basically a long, slow death for Japan.
    Anyone have any ideas why the game is taking us 8+ hours with no clear victor?

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    would need more details. If he’s turtling(building infantry to defend tokyo) and you’re turtling, the game will take a long time. most games do not end in stalemate because as you said, if japan does not expand quickly enough, the Allies will push it back and at that point, most japanese players will see victory as impossible and concede.
    They can be stubborn and turtle round-after-round but what’s the point

  • @colt45554
    We played 1940 pacific 2E twice or three times so far.
    Japan starts strong with a J1 attack and some “standard advice moves” like consolidating Japanese Airforce at Kwangsi, etc.

    Its not that Japan ends up turtling, nor does UK/British Raj. Its that Japan starts strong, doesn’t decisively take any allied capital, and slowly looses steam. Then the allies slowly gain ground, and it looks to be a “long, slow death” for Japan, and then my son ends up giving up 5+ hours into the game.
    I am not sure if it is our respective playstyles, but we keep seeing this outcome over and over. Maybe I am a good defensive player, maybe he is a poor overall offensive player, not sure.
    I will say this: I tend to do better in ANY version of A&A when I am playing powers with limited IPC budgets that start in precarious positions. I excel at USSR, British India, Anzac, and China. I tend to suck at playing the US because I have all this money (too much choice) plus the logistics thing.
    When you are a turn or two from death, and have limited income, you tend to purchase conservatively and hunker down and not make any risky attacks.

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    I have limited experience in P402E but have plenty with Global402E.
    In your few matches, have you been japan yet? I would try a J1 Declaration of War or no later than J2. You could try to get the DEI as fast as possible or do a Calcutta rush.

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